Zumba Dance Workout for weight loss

This article reveals how you can eat more and lose weight!
You don’t have to change your diet or exercise more, 
Just add these to your daily diet!

Have a good time while you lose weight! Zumba Dance Exercise is a satisfying means to stay fit. Thanks for visiting the most effective of Zumba, offered by who believe that the very best means to lose weight is by having a blast! Delight in the video clip!

Showcased track: Boujé (Soca Kuduro).

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  1. Tassia Starlight

    When you scroll through the comments and have to resist multiple urges to
    reply to them with “Darude – Sandstorm”

  2. im going try this 2mrow…hope can lose few weight b4 eid…wish me luck…

  3. i know the song is by J. Perry, but can anyone pls tell me the title???

  4. khouloud abdellaoui

    Bouje Haitian song

  5. Darude – Sandstorm

  6. renata Claudia Normando De melo

    what is your name the music?

  7. Erwin Sánchez Hernández

    Boujé by J. Perry


  9. Shahrukh Ahmed Siddiqui

    Boujé by J. Perry

  10. Sarude dandstorm

  11. Kayla Schleppenbach

    have you ever noticed that there is never anyone that is obese doing this

  12. +Kayla Schleppenbach No you should do that! don’t give up! If you are self
    conscious try doing some at home. I gave up working out a long time ago but
    this time I know I can do it! Im-possible! (I’m possible)

  13. Kayla Schleppenbach

    ok i will try some at home when my moms not around still good luck i hope
    you are able to accomplish it

  14. I learned it in 3 tries, very fun and tiring.

  15. ‫محمد ابو كيان‬‎

    حلوة الرقصه مع الاغنيه روعه

  16. jennifer estaca

    I never tried this but will do this one of my favorite will take a while
    for a practice to get along the rhythm but that’s okay. Is once a week good
    enough to do Zumba ?

  17. والله صح كلامك

  18. I feel the same way too…but doing zumba 3 times per week since June and
    there is a change, I don’t only feel it but see it as well…note that I’m
    overweight as well…I do it at home as I’m not yet at ease working out in

    You can do it… 😉

  19. Kayla Schleppenbach


  20. Doing Zumba once a week for one hour will keep your muscles in place and
    help you stay healthy, but if you want to lose weight, it is advisable to
    do at least 45 minute workouts three times a week. Hope this helps

  21. David Carrafiello

    this is like the equivalent to porn nowadays. it’s so sexual isnt it?
    between the tights and the moves it’s so erotic

  22. did you lose weight?

  23. Strength is best done 2-3 times a week because if you only do it once a
    week you will lose any muscle you have gained after a week. Cardio is also
    best done 150 minutes a week for optimal weight loss.

  24. هذه رقصة هي نوع من الرياضه لتقليل الوزن

  25. You burn 150kcal per hr with this lol. Waste of time for weight loss. But
    it’s fun.

  26. i think she died doing the workout

  27. +Aladina Ahmid 😂😂😂😂

  28. Did you lose weight

  29. + طيب هي الرقصة كم سعرة ممكن تحرق

  30. Holy heck am I out of shape

  31. omg fab!…we r doing this in our sports meet…

  32. i love you all soooo much

  33. +Josh Josh cause actual workouts hurt XDDD this is a funner way to do it.
    yes i said funner lol and besides, a fun way to lose weight helps you keep
    exercising :3

  34. +yanesh mimi yyeaas!! both of you got this!!! 😀

  35. Good luck!!! and remember to not give up!!! :d

  36. +Maria *:D

  37. I’m saying XD

  38. +Maria
    You can’t lose weight with light workout. Even with hard workout there is a
    small chance without proper dieting.
    When people claim weightloss results from particular workout program they
    forget the dieting part which is the main reason they have lost weight. If
    there were no significant changes in their diet, there would be little to
    no changes.
    The main problem is that no matter how much effort you put in the gym, just
    one piece of chocolate cake or other tasty caloric food will regain all
    calories burned with exercise. With light exercise you will be in caloric
    surplus and gain weight.

  39. +FeatherBlack O.o point taken

  40. +FeatherBlack you are definitely right about that chocolate cake ;-;

  41. I love it never tried though

  42. Thanks man

  43. Im 14 I lost 3 kgs in 10 days, healthy food + zumba only ❤️ thank you so

  44. 🤔 Burned 350 calories in Zumba yesterday. I love it!

  45. The dance is v.nice we can Loose our weight but we should do every day 30
    minutes .

  46. are do zumba only 3mins or more

  47. the one is orange is soooooo hot

  48. Syeda Farwa bukhary Bukhary

    burn 1000 calories I do it 3 time in a days

  49. pengen dong di ajarin senam zumba soal di sekolahan saya cuga ada senam

  50. Yaayy.. I love itt.. so catchy.. I have no dance skills.. So I look like a
    moving potato.. 😀

  51. we advise you to keep on practising the routine. If you find it hard,
    you’ll find easier ones on our playlist. Hope this helps xx