Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Would you like to eat as much food as you want and actually burn off fat at the same time?

Well, now you can with these top 10 fat burning foods!

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All foods have calories, and eating excess calories leads to weight gain. So how can these particular foods help you burn fat? 

I won’t get into to all the details here; you can get my free book on 36 Fat Burning Foods below for all the details. Instead, I will sum it up for you as follows . . .

Some foods have traits that (1) boost your metabolism (i.e., the rate your body burns energy) and (2) require more energy to digest them. In fact, some foods actually take more energy to prepare them, eat them, and digest them, than you get from the calories in the foods.

These foods are often called Negative Calorie foods, and there is a surprisingly large number of them. This is not to imply any foods have “no calories in them” or that you can eat a ton of “negative calorie” foods to burn up other food you eat. The video below from explains how you can lose weight quickly and naturally with negative calorie foods.

IMPORTANT: These fat-burning super foods work for diabetics, but if you are diabetic, you need to see this now (click to open a new window).

How To Lose Weight Fast With Negative Calorie Foods

If you look across the Internet, you will find the top-rated foods that melt away fat varies from site to site. Why is that? . . . How can the Top 10 fat burning foods on one site be different from those on another? After all, isn’t the Top 10 the Top 10 regardless of which site you visit?

The difference is in how you define “Top 10” . . .

I have chosen my top selections based on 3 criteria.

First, it must be a negative calorie food.

Second, it must be easy to get and a real food.

For example, some sites list spirulina which is really good for you, but the only way you’re going to eat it is as a supplement from a bottle; I don’t know many people who scoop up a handful of yummy algae from a local pond or grocery store produce section and eat it raw. Spirulina is really good for you, and I recommend you get it as a supplement, but it does not qualify for my Top 10 list. Other sites list tahini; what is that anyway? It turns out it is a condiment made from sesame seeds. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt,  you will find that at your typical local grocery store.

Learn about superfoods here - Top 10 Fat Burning FoodsFinally, it must also be a superfood. So called Superfoods naturally provide an abundance of health benefits such as avoiding cancer, live longer while looking younger,  enhanced brain power, better sleep, more energy, healthy weight loss, and lots more.

What does all this mean?

It means you are about to discover 10 superfoods you can find pretty much anywhere that burn more energy (and therefore melt away extra body fat) than you get by eating them. Although these ten waist-trimming goodies are listed in no particular order, I have reserved the best two for last, because they have recently been proven to actually prevent cancer!

So, let’s get started . . .