Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat

This article reveals how you can eat more and lose weight!
You don’t have to change your diet or exercise more, 
Just add these to your daily diet!

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On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee reveals you the best ways to obtain thinner thighs in just over ten mins! This exercise will certainly show you a few of the very best workouts for toning your quads and hamstrings and eliminating some fat on your thighs! Please leave a comment and allow us know just what you believed!

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  1. Saw results just in 4 days…I’m a size 3 in jeans and they aren’t as tight
    anymore..going to keep doing these until there slimmer

  2. I’ve done this for a few days and I really think results are showing!! I
    need to stop snacking and cut down on SUGAR(not calories) and hopefully
    I’ll lose a bit, I’ll update you guys on progress by June 15th!!! (I am
    5’3″ and weigh 144 pounds)

  3. laure Beguedou

    whenever she start the outer leg lift, “oh, break time”

  4. is this suitable for beginners? will it be too intense?

  5. if its too much for you, just stop to have a break whenever you like and
    continue when you feel like. If you cant continue than its ok to stop right
    there and try again later. No need to finish the whole video at the first

  6. Okay thank you 😊

  7. Sarafine Duchannes

    Im gonna be doing this every day for the next 3-4 weeks.
    Let me know if you want result info!

  8. Ok my 2-week update is due so here goes:

    I started doing exercises earlier this June, and most of my workouts
    include 30-min zumba dance for cardio, as well as the occasional jogs
    whenever I got to squeeze the time for it. Then I’ll start on one of the
    HIT exercises (which varies depending on which day I set it for; eg thigh,
    abs etc).

    The other week I tried this exercise, and after the first day I felt sore
    all over my thighs and butt. The next three days I I did the same
    continuously for a couple of days, and boy did it hurt. It took me 3 days
    to fully recover my thigh and back muscle, and I had difficulty walking all
    the way through without looking like a cripple. I had to stop my exercise
    routine for those 3 days as I can literally do nothing without wincing in
    pain then.

    BUT my thigh (and butts!) did show incredible improvement. The flabbiness
    is significantly reduced, and I can actually feel and see that fine line of
    toned muscle peeking through the back thighs. My thighs doesn’t feel…
    gooey, as much as it did before, and it definitely felt more toned up than
    before (I can fit my slim fit pants better now too!)

    It’s still far from reaching the toned-perfection yet, and I can’t tell the
    definite from just a few sessions of this workout. But the result is worth
    all the pained curses and hell of near immobility I had to go through. Will
    definitely continue on this workout more!

    Side note: My meal plans are based on the Atkins diet, and I drink at least
    2 litres of water everyday. I’m a young adult woman, weigh 63.5kg, and my
    height is 5’3.


  9. YESSSSSSS!!!! I feel the BURN !!!!

  10. Jackeline Flores

    for everyone that has tried this the first time and is probably going
    through hell, let me just tell you that it gets better around the 2 to 3
    time you try this. By the way im going to keep track on my results if
    people want to know

  11. Ha, AWESOME! So glad! Come on over to my personal channel for more mix and
    match workouts!

  12. I’m going to start today ( July 1,16)and I will let y’all know my

  13. I’ll do this today. I’ll keep you updated ever other day or so

  14. yayyy! thankyou for giving me hope guysssss

  15. Starfire Loves her friends


    I had gross big thighs that were 42 inches around, so i diid this once a
    day for a month. And the they were down to 21 inches! ! i did it for
    everyother dat for the past month and now im on Pointe in ballet, and
    almost have my dream body!!!

    Trust me this works!!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥:-D

  16. yesss

  17. please keep us updated lol +Lucia Lucy

  18. +Jamie Casas luck

  19. +Lost In Wonderland good luck

  20. +Jamie Casas okay thank you, I will try this workout 🙂

  21. Lost In Wonderland

    +Jamie Casas thank you!

  22. how many days did it take until you saw results ? +Jackeline Flores

  23. Jackeline Flores

    +Eli well for me it took about 5 days for me to see results but I have also
    been riding my bike. It might vary for people but these are my results

  24. Cristina Applebottom

    I will start doing this today ( July 20) I will tell you guys my results in
    a week if you guys want

  25. Cristina Applebottom

    Day 1 ( July 20): In the afternoon I did this workout along with cardio and
    rode my bike. (I FELT THE BURN)
    In the evening I did this workout except the squats bc I was doing them to
    another thigh work out video. ( I FELT THE BURN AGAIN😩)
    Keep you guys updated. Hopefully Im not sore tomorrow😭😭

  26. Cristina Applebottom

    Also I only did cardio bc I want to have slim and muscle thighs but NOT to
    muscular. Almost like hers in the video

  27. Cristina Applebottom

    +Gisselle Pacas Ofcouse! If only you are consistent with the workout and
    eat healthy then yes

  28. Cristina Applebottom

    I wasnt as sore as I was expected to be this morning but boy is my thigh
    hurting after. doing it again today
    Day 2 ( July 21): In the afternoon I did this workout, cardio, rode my
    bike, and I went swimming for 2 and i half hour. In the evening time I
    didnt do anything because I thought that was enough workout for one day.

  29. +Lina Aziem how much practice did that take?

  30. +Lina Aziem how much practice did that take?

  31. +Lina Aziem how much practice did that take?

  32. I’m going to do this for 17 days I’m on my 16th day rn…I’ll update u guys
    on April 11

  33. Day 2 done

  34. Will it make your thighs thiner or just tone them?

  35. how is it

  36. Ive been going to the gym everyday, going to start this tomorrow July 30
    and I’ll update y’all in a couple of days :)

  37. +Maisiann how’s it going?

  38. +McKenzie Rivera did u change your diet?

  39. Heh, well, I’ve been at a family members house for four days.. But I’m back
    on track now, I gained a little bit while there so hopefully I will lose it
    and more! I’ll be back in 5 days.

  40. JohnnyDeppFan1433

    Started this workout today (Aug 2nd) and plan to do it every day for the
    next month. I will come back here to share results.

  41. +humi m Nope! Same old diet

  42. Same! And please share your results 🙂

  43. It’s WORKING!! MY THIGHS ARE GETTING SMALLER, you can tell the difference
    in a couple of days, It’s been working really fast to be honest, since I do
    jog daily and have a strict diet right now. I really recommend this!! It’s
    hard at first but if you do keep doing it, all that hard work will achieve

  44. +Maisiann you my lady sit on a thrown of lies and decit

  45. yes of course

  46. JohnnyDeppFan1433

    Three days in and my legs/butt are pretty sore. Still doing it once a day

  47. +Anna did you do it everyday?

  48. +Nueka Official yup! My thighs are improving. You can tell the difference
    in like 4 days to be honest

  49. +Jackeline Flores Thanks for the comment. I’ll try it and let you know my

  50. Jackeline Flores

    +monstervain please do tell me your results, now my legs are not hurting
    that bad anymore now that i do this workout but i can still feel something.
    my legs have gotten slimmer now but i have now been doing them 4 times a
    week now

  51. How did it go ???

  52. Isabella Castillo

    +McKenzie Rivera so it worked

  53. Started doing this yesterday. Hopefully I can keep doing this. It is pretty
    hard for me to keep doing it as a whole without breaks currently (Yesterday
    I had 2 breaks in 3 minutes cuz I haven’t done any sports lately) I am a
    person who gets tired really easily and my muscles hurt but no pain no gain
    🙂 I challenged myself to keep doing this even tho my legs hurt but hey I’m
    on my 2nd day and still trying. I could complete the first 7 minutes
    without breaks today, I really hope this works, I can continue 🙂 Let me
    know If you want the results. I am not a sporty type & overweight. I’m 5.6
    & 148 pounds. For now :)

  54. Btw I have my notifications on for youtube & I’ll probably come to this vid
    every day If I can keep working out so I’ll keep updating If anyone’s
    interested. I’m not one of those people who says that they will update &
    disappear. Youtube is pretty much like a daily routine for me 🙂

  55. +Wysteria InBloom shut up

  56. +Koko Momo Actually I’ve been doing this for a week now and I think it has
    only a little change on me. My calves are still the same but my thighs are
    1cm smaller than before. I’m thinking of doing one more exercise for calves
    to reduce fat. This exercise doesnt really work that fast with me like
    other people commenting below. Since my body type is fking pear shaped I
    dont really know if this works but I’ll keep doing this once a day.

  57. How is it going?😊

  58. +Iman Ahmed I was on a vacation at the 3-4th day and I just returned back
    home (I came home today and couldn’t do this for today) but I kept doing
    the exercises everyday even tho I was on a holiday. I realized I gained
    weight cuz I was eating unhealthy foods on my vacation sadly, so I can’t
    see anything visible but I could complete the whole exercise without any
    breaks on my 7th day I think. My muscles are stronger and they don’t hurt
    anymore. I feel the burn when I do it but after a couple of minutes it
    doesn’t stays. At my 4th day I think I couldn’t sit without the help of my
    arms, my legs were soooo weak but now I feel much better and this is kinda
    easier for me. (Except for those squats ;-;) and because I couldn’t do it
    today I’m planning to do it twice tomorrow. Never give up 🙂 I also hope
    I’ll start a eating much healthier.

  59. Thanks for the info!!❤️

  60. Same here but we can do this together we will make this!!!!!!!

  61. how is it going? any difference? i’m looking for your update hehehe 🙂

  62. A normal plank? I’d say jog in place for a minute to warm up then see how
    long you can hold it, try a couple times, and the next day try to get 5
    seconds more than your longest time from the day before 🙂 Hope this helps!

  63. A normal plank? I’d say jog in place for a minute to warm up then see how
    long you can hold it, try a couple times, and the next day try to get 5
    seconds more than your longest time from the day before 🙂 Hope this helps!

  64. Did the muscle soreness last the whole month?

  65. Elizabeth Miralles

    +minku bhullar same

  66. +hugo maher It goes away once you’re used it.

  67. thinner

  68. Just subsequent to my friend bragging about her weight loss did I attempt
    the diet myself. She dropped 9 lbs. “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). This
    diet is actually the best weight loss plan in the whole world.

  69. Do running help slim thighs?

  70. I started yesterday. Let me know if you want result update 😀
    Also, I have a fat under my butt, on the back of my thigh. What type of
    excercises should I do to lose it?

  71. gingerbreadgirl618

    Ok, I’m gonna start today, I’ll update in a few days and don’t worry I
    won’t leave y’all hanging

  72. good luck!

  73. gingerbreadgirl618

    +Anna Alison thanks!