Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

www.tedxfremont.com Currently 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic person, and then one in 3 youngsters birthed after the year 2000 will certainly create diabetic issues. Neal Barnard, scientific researcher and also founder of the Physicians Committee for Accountable Medication (PCRM), recognizes the root causes of this serious issue and then advises us how we can deal with these stats.

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  1. look at all those nasty phished accounts advertising diabetes “miracles”

    *holds up anti-spam spray* begone, I say!

  2. look at monkeys, do monkeys eat meat? sure. People eat too much meat, but
    it’s not meat the problem but the refined food and excessive fats.

  3. +Tecnovlog Excessive trans and saturated fats = animal products. It
    definitely contributes to it. Just eliminate it to assure optimal health.

  4. +mathias actually trans fats are from plants, usually palm or canola.
    coconut oil is a saturated fat that is good for you

  5. +Tecnovlog True. But also animal products.

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  8. This study is evidence to show that plant based food is good for those who
    eat meat. However there are many vegetarians in India who eat high carbs
    and who are diabetic. Hence, a study also has to be done to prove that low
    carb diets are bad which didn’t seem to occur here. It’s possible that
    people who were eating meat were also eating high amounts of carbs and once
    they were asked to go to a plant based diet also reduced carbs by consuming
    whole fruits and vegetables with fibre where fibre in them helped reduction
    of absorption of carbohydrates. This study is looking at only one side of
    the coin and saying plant based food is good, whereas from this we cannot
    infer that low carb diet is bad.

  9. No meat, no poultry, no seafood, no eggs, no real pizza, no ice cream, no
    cheese, no yogurt, no bagels, no refined sugar = NO LIFE. Promoting a
    lifestyle that at most 2% of the population can do.

    You do not have to be a vegan to prevent and reverse T2 diabetes, believe

  10. So, how is this bold new approach working? Are there any success stories to
    talk about? What sort of numbers of people have had success?

  11. The diabetes stereotype is an obese, meat eating person. How would you
    react to this if i told you i know a prediabetic thats vegan and is
    underweight… not making this up, seeking your opinion Dr.Barnard

  12. What do all the MDs promoting a plant-based diet have in common? They’re
    slim and look younger than their chronological age? Dr. Barnard was 59 at
    the filming of this lecture. Look up T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn,
    John McDougall.

  13. +Holly Degraves Thanks

  14. +Mitchell4 I like it

  15. he said that diabetes IS in your genes but also that those genes only make
    you suspectible for becoming diabetic and that you can kinda control them
    with your diet. he mentioned that because some people think that diabtetes
    is settled in your dna and using medications is the only way to work
    against diabetes.

  16. +x REL1NQ
    The reason people may think that “your genes’ make you susceptible to any
    disease is because the general public has been told by the medical
    establishment that all disease has a genetic root. Well, they sequenced the
    human genome in about 7 years and discovered that humans only have about
    24,000 genes, – little more than a mouse. It turns out that all the genetic
    diversity is in the microbiota (about 8 million genes there).

    So now we have epigenetics. This is how diet and lifestyle influence genes
    and determine whether they get “switched on” or not.

    The modern industrial diet “switches on” disease. Avoiding toxins is
    important. Historically the human genome (and microbiota) was not exposed
    to heavy metals. That came with civilization and industry. It’s a brave new
    world we live in.

  17. Dennis Diderot

    i cut carbs, stuck with meat, vegetables and a little fruit and in 6 weeks
    i went from a hemo of 8.1 to 6.4 and lost 9 pounds with no exercise, so i
    dont know about this.

  18. what kind of a diet is this Mitchell?

  19. See, you are an idiot. If that’s your approach to try to convince people to
    go vegan, you will FAIL.

  20. vidhan matolia

    +Eric K if your approach is so narrow minded that you won’t even try
    something new which goes against your preconcieved notion of it, you can
    never go vegan. I have convinced 2 people to go vegan in the past week just
    by asking them to try it.

  21. +vidhan matolia If he continues that mindset, he’ll end up with no life. as
    +awesomeopossoms said

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  29. Goushi Takisawa

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  32. 3 critical ingredients that help to clean acids from your pancreas, which
    helps slash your blood sugar levels.

  33. Thomas N. Steffensen

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  34. its because in india they cook with way too much vegetable oil… fat and
    protein cause diabetes

  35. Elizabeth Danel

    People respond differently to different diets. I respond poorly to this
    kind of diet. I do much better eating mostly healthy fats ( avocado, grass
    fed butter, macademia oil and some coconut oil), some animal protein and
    lots of non-starchy vegetables. If I eat grains I gain weight rapidly and
    feel sluggish.
    A friend of mine does best with very little animal protein, some grains and
    lots of fruits and vegetables.
    Metabolic typing is helpful in pinpointing the right diet for a specific

  36. I lost 30kg of fat and reversed signs of type 2 diabetes. I used a number
    of methods. I’m now exploring the next phase of my wellbeing journey…All
    signs and research point to a whole food plant based diet with as little if
    any processed food as possible.

  37. I’m so grateful for these doctors, scientists and innovators on ted and
    YouTube….These ideas are wonderful

  38. rubbish ive had diabetes 30 years you are a toss pot

  39. Patrick Kniesler

    +VISION the medical literature disagrees. It isn’t carbs or fats,
    necessarily, but when they are combined too frequently in a diet. As this
    video explained, intramyocellular lipids interrupt insulin action – but
    insuln resistance also goes away on carbohydrate restriction.

  40. +Patrick Kniesler “MEDICAL LITERATURE”


  41. Yes your write, but its not the nurses and doctors that is the problem
    here. The foundation of their knowledge is unknowingly corrupt.

  42. +Vic Bhatoolaul​​​ not even corrupt. Dr. Barnard’s research is pretty new
    in the scale of things and flies in the face of what we’ve been taught. I
    spent the first month terrified that I was going to get sick from blood
    sugar spikes, and especially during the first week I did have a few. I kept
    going because despite the spikes, they never hit dangerous levels, and I
    wasn’t having rebound hypoglycemia, which can happen to early stage Type 2s
    like myself. I did eventually find my balance where I wasn’t binging
    anymore and the spikes stopped too. Obviously we need more research. There
    are people on HCLF that gained weight on the diet, partly because we are
    getting told eat as much as you want. In reality, it should still be in
    moderation. Don’t go for low calorie, but you don’t need to binge eat.

  43. Flora Van Orden

    The so-called vegetarians in India were not vegetarians; they were eating
    yogurt and other cow dairy products, which triggers diabetes and cancer
    growth. Here’s an interesting article translated from Russian on how to set
    up conditions where cancer doesn’t grow in the first place:

    The achievements of medical science and the progress of health facilities I
    heard, and, as a citizen of the country, are proud of the recognition of
    this fact. But the disease relatives were not executed all, but in regular
    city hospitals. And my acquaintance with seriously ill, conditions and
    methods of their treatment convinces me that the treatment is not always
    successful. Often, the application of only one of the classic treatment of
    patients in addition to oncological diseases developed tissue necrosis, and
    gangrene. The hopelessness of the situation of such patients has led to the
    desire to understand the causes and possible alternative methods of healing
    diseases. So I can advise the like-minded people to pay attention to the
    following publications: – Doctor of med. Sciences Sobieski V.V., doctor of
    med. science Boichuk BTW, doctor of the Supreme. category Butrim A.I.
    “Medicinal plants in the fight against cancer”; – Candidate of Biol.
    Sciences Garbuzov G.N. “Antioxidant treatment of cancer”; – Candidate of
    med. Sciences I. Eliseeva “Treatment of chronic diseases and cancer” (1-9
    books); – the Doctor of med. of Sciences of Filippova I.A. “Why and how
    mushrooms can treat cancer and other; – the Doctor of med. Sciences
    Neumyvakin I.P. “Endoecology of health”; – Safonov N.N., “A complete Atlas
    of the medicinal plants”; – the Doctor of med. science V.S. Mosienko,
    Kurtseitov L.K. “Integrated approaches to the treatment of tumor
    diseases”.; – Miroshnichenko S.A. “Gold encyclopedia Narodno medicine”; –
    gogulan F “say goodbye to diseases”; – Library HLS “Alternative Oncology”
    (1-2 books): articles from the practice of doctors S. I. Tsvetkova, S.V.
    Korepanova, Annulifera; – Ms. V. Frolov, “Endogenous respiration”; Marina
    Sukhanov, candidate of Biol. of Sciences. Article “Cancer ward”. journal
    “Science and engineering” № 4, 2011, This is not a complete list of
    publications on the topic. But even it is enough to understand the
    complexity of the problem and lack of unity of opinions and actions among


    The study of literature makes it possible to “understand” in their body and
    how to podderjaniya it in a healthy condition. At the same time a lot of
    information, often contradictory, gives legitimate concerns: and can we
    loose this “sea” diagnoses, prescriptions and methods? Maybe I was
    wandering if in a maze of knowledge, until she met with Boris V. Bolotov.
    During our meetings became acquainted with some of his publications on
    alternative medicine. Then I didn’t pay much attention to them, because it
    just seemed like UVtreatmentm of the famous scientist. With time I
    understood: personality mathematics Bolotova in medicine – is not
    accidental. It biochemistry logical in learning the mysteries of living
    matter in General and man in particular. And these mysteries, as it turns
    out, a great variety of… years Later find in the shop of his new book:
    “human Health in an unhealthy world” and “40 phenomena Bolotova”. After
    reviewing them, looking for the opportunity to talk with the author. This
    Bolotov surprised me by giving several editions: “Medicine and health”
    (2010), and “Medicine from the perspective of the Truth” (2010).
    Particularly fantastic, I found the edition under a strange name, you Can
    accommodate up to 1600 years, if to overcome the 12 signs of the zodiac”
    (2010). I must say: it is in this book consistently described the tactics
    of prevention and treatment of oncological diseases. The study of these
    books, far from perfect in terms of presentation and editing, took me more
    than 2 years. Thus, it was possible to communicate with people, whose
    health was restored Boris Bolotov, as well as some physicians methods of
    the researcher.


    Analyzing its 5 of the rules of health, phenomena and principles, and
    causation of diseases, come to understanding the overall effect. This
    essence, according to Bolotova, can be summarized briefly: first, our body
    is holistic, self-regulatory and self-regulatory biological system.
    Therefore imperfect is the theory and practice of treatment of human
    disease separate bodies. Secondly, disease, a great multitude, as the main
    reasons for a total of 12: 1. Desalting of lymph and the change of
    water-salt balance. 2. Hypothermia and violation of thermal homeostasis. 3.
    The imbalance of the acid-alkaline environment and zagustevaniya blood. 4.
    Natural age cycle programmed cell death. 5. Physical injury to the body and
    defects of the spine. 6. The effect of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses,
    bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worms). 7. Toxins, carcinogens and medicines. 8.
    Degraded water, inorganic and refined foods. 9. Unnatural and sedentary
    lifestyle. 10. Solar and anthropogenic radioactivity. 11. Psychological
    stress and the destruction of the bio-field. 12. Transformation of cells
    with the weakening of the immune system. It follows that treatment through
    diagnosis is also not effective. In Bolotova, if to remove these reasons,
    the body is able to recover lost gomeostaz and thus be healed of any
    disease, including diabetes, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and cancer.


    Third, Bolotov draws attention to this fact: “no matter what hurts the
    people. It dies, as a rule, from the thickening of blood”. If the blood
    oxidize dilute and support in this state, the person can greatly to
    continue their lives. Boris Bolotov is a supporter of free-radical theory
    of oncological processes, while not ignoring other views. He notes: “In
    General, a malignant tumor is functionally similar to the pancreas. Tumor
    cells secrete the lipase, diastasis, trypsin, himotripsin in alkaline (pH
    8,5 – 9,5), which can erode non-cancerous tissue, as is the case with
    gastritis. This raises acute pain. However, observed that sulfuric acid and
    its organic sulphates inhibit the activities of the cancer. In particular,
    chondroitin-sulfuric acid, heparin and other mucopolysaccharides are
    examples of substances that can stop the development of cancer (see “human
    Health in an unhealthy world”, 2005, pp.232). Fourth, effective medicines
    against cancer. And the battle with cancer cells that seek their
    destruction, is the top of madness. The reason is that the transformed
    cells of animal origin into the cells of plant origin (the so-called “cold
    tumor”), are the most young and strong. They create their own self-defense
    system developed by a special law of supply and division. Therapy to
    destroy them only undermines the protective functions of the immune system
    and weakens the body of the patient. If anyone has doubts about the
    finality of this position Boris Bolotov, it may recommend to the opinion of
    scientists. This, in particular: Dr. med. Sciences, leading researcher of
    the Institute of experimental pathology, Oncology and radiobiology. R.E. of
    the Ukrainian national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.S. Mosienko, and
    Colonel honey. service L.K. of Kurtseitov – head. clinic of traditional and
    alternative therapies (BC Kyiv). Under their authorship in 2010 came out of
    the progressive scientific work under the General name “Integrated
    approaches to the treatment of tumor diseases”. This book also forces us to
    rethink the already well-established notions about the effectiveness
    classic Oncology in the struggle for life and health of citizens.


    The system of preventing and healing cancer medicine Bolotova was formed
    more than 50 years. And all these years to help him those who have lost
    hope in the walls of domestic and foreign clinics. The first information on
    this topic, he learned from ancient Egyptian manuscripts, the so-called
    “Treating the pharaohs”. And there it was recommended in the use of food to
    take a few drops of crocodile blood. Such a strange information gave the
    scientist on the idea to study the composition of blood and digestive
    juices descendants of dinosaurs: alligators, turtles, sharks, snakes,
    sturgeon fish, octopus, squid, and ravens. So, in the book “Medicine from
    the perspective of the Truth” (s.162-163) Boris Bolotov gives the example
    of the program STB Ukrainian television. He notes: “the Blood of a
    crocodile has strong antibacterial and antiviral effect. For example, in
    Petri dishes put one drop of the blood of the crocodile, and then filled
    with liquids viruses sarcoma, carcinoma, melanoma, AIDS, hepatitis C, and
    many resistant microbes. Surprisingly, after a few days it was found that
    all viruses and microbes were killed and cell mass, for example, liver
    cells, which contained the virus of hepatitis C, fully preserved in the
    same condition. It is known that the blood of animals and reptiles passes
    through the gastrointestinal tract in the form of gastric juices.
    Therefore, the unique properties of blood match the properties of the
    gastric juices. But, since the active ingredient in gastric juice have a
    mixture of acids, which the authors called “Aqua Regia”, that possesses
    miraculous properties it. It was proven by the authors on the example of
    hepatitis C virus and microbes gangrene. Therefore, the authors used the
    “Royal vodka” for the treatment of these diseases”. The position of
    academician Boris Bolotov clear and unequivocal: “Instead of fighting for
    the destruction of aggressive cancer cells you want to focus on creating
    unfavourable environment for their habitat”. And this environment may be
    created only in the oxidation of blood. As for lymph, then you want to
    restore it electrolytic settings through the introduction of salt. These
    two procedures can be conducted at home. Any negative impact on the
    patient, as is the case with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, in those
    procedures no.


    It is also noticed that the number of cancer progresses with age people.
    The conclusion about the root cause of this phenomenon. It pays special
    attention doctor A.I. Naumov, Vinnitsa), pointing to the age-related
    decrease in the number produced by the stomach hydrochloric acid. And this
    acid is required for the dissolution of the dead, sick and cancer cells,
    combating infectious and cardiovascular diseases. And if this and other
    acids in the body is not enough, it is necessary to stimulate their
    development and prophylactically to enter in the gastrointestinal tract. As
    for the healing of the already progressive disease, in the oxidation of
    anacleti tumors are deprived of the nutrient medium. Therefore
    consistently, you can create adverse conditions for the life of such a
    tumor. In each case shall be elected their algorithm of actions: depending
    on the stage of the disease, the patient’s age, conducted earlier
    procedures, immune status, and other factors. As for the “Aqua Regia”
    (Bolotov Balsam), it serves its simplified prescription. On 1 l of water
    must 1-2 tsp. of concentrated hydrochloric and the same number of sulphuric
    acid, a glass of wine vinegar and 4 nitroglycerin tablets containing nitric
    acid. Use this composition is 4-6 times a day tablespoon diluted in a glass
    of water, coffee, tea, sour milk or juice at every meal, and also after a
    dream. This procedure is insured the body from increasing the number of
    cancer cells. It is absolutely clear that the restoration of the functions
    of organs and systems must start with cleansing the gastrointestinal tract.
    In this process are very important procedures with imihai, enzymes
    (extracts), kvass and products of lactic acid fermentation. Bolotov popular
    explains to readers rules of manufacture and consumption of acids, bagasse,
    salt, enzymes and Kvasov based anticancer medicinal plants. Research
    Bolotova about the possibility to resist cancer known for a long time. It
    is known: ‘s pain does not hurt. When one person dies it’s a tragedy. And
    if every year in the country prematurely gone from the life of hundreds of
    thousands of people, some just statistics. And medicine Bolotova, doctors
    admit, once a disease crosses the threshold of their own home. In
    conclusion, allow to recall the axiom of existence: “the Fight for health
    is the highest meaning of life”. I hope that my thoughts will complement
    readers. With pleasure will answer the objections and proposals, including
    on the pages of Newspapers.

    Vasily SAVCHUK. , Kiev.

  44. Patrick Kniesler

    +VISION You mean the Meatrix? Yeah. You ever heard of Joel Salatin, Paul
    Wheaton, or Alan Savory? Raise animals right so they lead a good life and
    then they only have “one bad day.”

  45. yeah but your tourettes is coming along super

  46. which monkeys eat meat ?

  47. Jacob Schadler

    What do all men have in common? They have 2 inch punisher

  48. +Cool C BS. I think you will find that the only blue zone in the USA is
    loma linda and that has the highest concentration of centenarians &
    coincidentally there nearly all vegan.

  49. vidhan matolia

    +Cool C actually there are a lot of vegan centenarians. And compared to the
    vegan general population, it’s pretty high. Here’s an example of a 101 year
    old retired heart sergeon in USA who has been vegan since 50 years and
    looks a lot healthier than most other centenarians who are just alive on
    medicines and can’t even walk properly.

  50. +vidhan matolia I dont want to read nothing about the UK. I am talking
    about USA. As I said, there are no Vegan centenarians in the usa. Secondly,
    the person you are referring to ate meat for 50 years and says he is a
    vegan for 50 years so what can we attribute his longevity to meat or
    non-meat? 50/50 chance right. Try again bro. but not with me.

  51. vidhan matolia

    +Cool C i don’t even know how to reply to that 😂

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  53. Persistence hunting. Humans did it for millions of years. Some still do it
    today. Video debunked. Carbs cause diabetes, the more refined the worst.

  54. I did that kinda eating for 6 mos. I was a strict vegan. I ate as much as I
    wanted, but not white flour or sugar only whole grains, legumes, fruits,
    veggies, nuts, ext… I lost so much weight I looked like I was dying from
    aids. Lost all the cushion on my butt and arms, face too thin and sunken
    eyes. In other words I created an imbalance. I had to slowly start eating a
    little meat because I got to the point where the smell of meat made me
    nauseous. I don’t think everyone is meant to be a vegan. Some people look
    great, but I didn’t. Unfortunately at the time I had no medical insurance,
    so I don’t have lab work to show if I was truly healthy or not?

  55. +L’Uriel
    Veganism is a moral philosophy. It is a product of civilization, religion
    and, more recently, industrialization. No traditional culture was ever
    fully vegan. Historically, the further from the equator, the more humans
    had to rely on animals for food. Similarly for arid and desert regions such
    as occur in Africa and Australia.

    The idea that veganism is inherently healthier is not supported by the
    facts. Vegans are motivated by their philosophy and are dedicated to
    “making it work.” Some people can, others can’t. If people fail, they are
    accused of “doing it wrong.”

    It is what it is. A modern experiment that hasn’t proved to be universally
    feasible or implementable for the general population. Quite the reverse, in

  56. Exactly! I went vegan during my few years of attending the Adventist
    church. Not all Adventists obey the no meat laws. I was one of the
    obedient ones. I must have looked terrible, I remember one lady told me,
    “Honey eat a hamburger once in a while, I do,
    don’t listen to them…”

  57. I ate only meat for 3 months, lost weight, and all health factors went to
    the normal range

  58. The majority of type 2 are overweight but not everyone. There are slim
    people with type 2.

  59. I don’t know if it causes type 2 but type 1 is autoimmune and has probably
    different reasons like getting cow milk as a baby, infection, trauma and
    producing too much cortisol etc.

  60. What are you on about

  61. lowcarb pizza lowcarb icecream lowcarb bagels stevia selfmade stuff


  62. +u5chi1 you mean low fat?

  63. Justin Ceneviva

    This video and discussion is obviously about type 2.

  64. +Heather New Ok, I am referring to the Majority Doctors and what they teach
    in Medical school.

  65. Or nursing school for that matter. I’m lucky in that my doctor, NP, and
    dietician have all been super supportive of my diet, because it’s been
    working.I still get the occasional comment from the dietician if I tell her
    that my breakfast is usually overnight oats with coconut milk yogurt and
    all the fruit I can shove in it. I’ve had instructors actually voice
    concern when I pull out homemade fruit salad as part of my lunch. Thing is,
    they care about me, and with a little information like my A1c, how much
    weight I’ve lost doing it, and that my doctor is on board, they relax and