Standing Abs Exercises – 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat

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Standing Abs Exercises - 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout To Lose Belly Fat

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  1. Estefania Herra Zumbado

    This is for abs or cardio?? i feel it more like cardio

  2. Has anybody got any websites or downloadable exercise DVD workouts that
    actually work and diet things that work. I am 15 I finish school in 7 weeks
    and I am starting college in September and weigh 13 stone (fat I know) I
    don’t wanna be like this anymore I wanna be skinny and toned I wanna be
    9-10 stone and want to be in a size 10 in 3 months so in summer I can go
    and buy a new skinny clothing range HELP ME PLEASE 🙁 

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  4. Would you guys like a new version of a standing abs workout?!

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  6. Abigail Oldson-Swift

    these are the only ads you dont wanna skip.

  7. She don’t even show the one sign of getting tired

  8. +Lovepreet Sidhu that what i was thinking about.?!

  9. Becuz she is used to exercise her body thats why its easy for her

  10. Oh….This is for people that can balance… :/

  11. +Kelly Rogers hey can u share some of your diet plans with me

  12. truuu😂😂😂😂

  13. Abigail Oldson-Swift

    girl yes

  14. Day 2 ab workout. I decided to add this in to the abdominal and oblique
    exercise. This really sucks my bones are aching. But I must fight through!

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  16. Khayelihle Bhengu

    +Fan girl or its just on repeat

  17. Khayelihle Bhengu

    +hassan mohammad I think it’s on repeat that’s why she’s not tired

  18. +Estefania Herra Zumbado same!

  19. +Alison Lekarev engage the core!

  20. Not sure but I feel nothing in my abs .. my thighs and legs however…

  21. I can feel this more in my legs than anything else.

  22. same 😂😂

  23. Same

  24. The gross cause of belly fat no one is telling you about…
    click here for details

  25. Do we have to do this exercise daily?

  26. Allison Knoedler

    Yes please! I can only do standing ab exercise while at home. Maybe some
    music or a repetitious beat during any example over 20 seconds, but in the
    background so the “coach” is still audible. Just a suggestion 🙂 Love your
    channel Btw!!!

  27. Try ballet beautiful and blogilates also popsugar has some REALLY good
    workouts I have been using a combination of these for a month and I’ve lost
    12 pounds 🙂 also for food- I’m vegetarian and that definitely helps but
    just try to eat healthy idk I wish I had better advice

  28. How many calories do you burn when doing this?

  29. Its nice, but my personally like to put 10min standing abs with 10 min
    Pilates Abs Burner together.

  30. Antoinette Reyes

    +Fan girl I agree fitness models usually don’t get tired as easy. the more
    fit u are this wouldn’t make u tired either

  31. Isabella Castillo


  32. is this actually burning fat or just toning abs

  33. Navin.N.Sally Family Videos

    why does your muscle feel sore after a work out?

    I’ve tried another abs workout. (your video) and for 2 days straight my leg
    muscle aches!!!!! i can bearly walk. lol

    is that normal ?

  34. Jacky Madrigal

    I’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks. And I’ve seen such amazing results.
    My love handles are turning curvier and my abs are starting to shape. Just
    takes determination (:

  35. Destiny Amanda

    depends on how hard you do them,and how many sets

  36. how often do you do it per week out of interest? 🙂

  37. yea how often do u do this daily?

  38. Talk About Anything

    it’s normal. don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout (at
    least for 15 minutes). If your muscles are really sore than you have to
    stop working out for a few days until gets better.

  39. Use it as practice to Balance or do Yoga don’t Worry guys can do it too…

  40. I was just watching this to see what I can do when I have some downtime
    during the day then I realized she is wearing the EXACT SAME TANK TOP I am
    wearing as I am typing this

  41. And what do you eat?

  42. how much days will it take to loose belly fats if u are 200 punds

  43. Am i doing it wrong if only my arms and legs hurt and i don’t feel anything
    in my torso/stomach ??

  44. I’m starting today I’ll keep you updated ever day

  45. Holly Wainwright

    I do this and I’m nine