Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

I commit this to my Uncle Paul that died from diabetes 2 years earlier on Easter day. Dr relatives is the MD in this movie, I acquired his publication it's a 21 day action program operating the exact same dishes below. However any person can message me for them.


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  1. This raw diet is not only good for Diabetes, but for all chronic
    illnesses… Living food brings so much blessing into our bodies.. and a
    lot of energy and clear thinking. Thanks for posting.

  2. I started watching this documentary and couldn’t stop it until I’d seen the
    entire thing. I was a ovo-lacto-peche vegetarian for 23 years until I
    started to make the transition to vegan, first cutting out fish in January
    2014, then eliminating dairy from my diet the following summer. I started
    at 194 lbs and I now weigh 132 lbs. I tell you, by eating the right foods
    and being mindful of every day choices, “miracles” truly do happen! Our
    bodies can heal themselves, if only we put in the time and effort and begin
    to love ourselves by making better choices. And this not only affects us
    positively but also the people around us, the environment, animals… it’s
    a wave of good energy that radiates outwards after that! Vegan is the way
    to go… I’m doing my first raw challenge in January for 30 days. I’ll be
    starting to vlog about it in the New Year. If anyone wants to listen in,
    add me to your watchlist! xoxo

  3. I want to go on RAW PALEO diabetes “diet ” BUT I am allergic to tree
    nut,peanuts,coconut and sesame seed. I can eat sunflower seed

  4. Unabashed Melancholy

    +missRobbie M you can do it. not every raw vegan eats nuts and coconut.
    there are always ways around allergies.

  5. I am living proof that the information provide on this video is accurate
    and to the point.

    Take for instance, after years of making poor dietary choices and no
    exercise, in March of 2012 at age 41, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2,
    hypertension, high levels of LDL, a low HDL, and vitamin deficiency. I’m
    only 5′ 6″ and at the time I weighed at 220 lbs with a 42″ waist.

    My 1st visit to the endocrinologist in May 2012 I was immediately “ordered”
    to be put on metformin because my A1C level of 10.5 was unacceptable, he
    said. I slammed my foot on the doctor’s brakes and said to him, I prefer to
    fix my problem the difficult and natural way rather than the easy way out.
    Give me 3 months and if my A1C level is not acceptable within said time, I
    will have no choice but to take the “drug”.

    After changing my eating habits and went from consuming the “typical
    American diet” to embracing the raw vegan lifestyle; started cycling and
    working out, I managed to reverse my diabetes within 6 months, lost 70 lbs
    in the process, took 12 inches off my waist, and all of the medical issues
    mentioned above were permanently suppressed. The most rewarding part, is
    that I have been able to also reverse the aging process by about 10 years.
    I am 45 now but I’m often told I look like I’m in my early to mid 30’s.

    I’m down to a waist 30, 175 lbs, (I’ve put on 25 lbs of pure lean muscle
    since then) and for the first time in my life I possess the ability to
    choose my own direction in life and where my paths may lead. I control the
    surrounding influences that inspire and motivate me. My will to succeed is
    a powerful force and with it, I can now accomplish anything I wish.

    On March 29th 2014, exactly 2 years after being diagnosed, I finished my
    first 70.3 half Ironman Triathlon Oceanside, CA in which I manage to swim 1
    1/4 mile, bike 56 miles and run 13.1 miles in 6hrs 45mins; (all 3
    disciplines must be completed in 8 1/2 hours). I also trained hard and was
    ready to do my first full IronMan Triathlon Lake Tahoe, September 21st
    2014. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to bad air quality because
    of a forest fire nearby. The cancellation devastated me but did not stop me
    from pursuing my ultimate goal of become the first 100 year old in the year
    2071 who can still Swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run 26.2 miles, all
    in less than 17 hours.

    Thanks for listening; and be aware of the opportunities surrounding you
    everyday. If you can learn to recognize and take advantage of them, you
    will be able to achieve anything you wish.

  6. +WellnessVegan I wish people would stop referring to pescetarianism as a
    type of vegetarianism. It isn’t.

  7. +WellnessVegan Congrats on your success BUT Vegetarian / Vegan doesn’t
    necessarily = Healthy. I had a friend who was Vegetarian and lived on
    Chips, Chocolate and Coca Cola…….sure, she didn’t eat meat but her diet
    was very unhealthy. The way to go is WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based). Forget
    tags like Vegan or Vegetarian.

  8. +theselector yes, I actually agree with you %100. When I first transitioned
    to a vegan diet, I was what is commonly known as a “junk food vegan” lol I
    was just learning and I was awed that so many of my favorite junky foods
    were vegan 😉 but now I eat completely differently! Home-made smoothies,
    lots of fruits and veggies, organic whenever possible, and I try to eat raw
    and unprocessed food as much as I can without restricting myself too much.

  9. +theselector I hope your friend eats healthier now! 🙂

  10. Svetlana Pavlova

    +Leonardo Medina I trust you and your example is the incentive for me. BTW,
    this is the web-site of our ultra-marathoner and fruitarian, Denis
    I live in Russia, and there are many examples of treatment of chronic
    diseases on a raw vegan diet. Even the terrible cases of atopic dermatitis.
    Our doctor-propagandist, Mrs. Marwa Oghanyan, believes that everyone can
    heal himself completely within 1 year. But she insisted on the need for
    pre-cleaning organs to avoid of toxicosis and deterioration of health
    during the transitional period. I wish you further progress!

  11. The 171 dislikes is from the pharmaceuticals

  12. +WellnessVegan Hello 🙂 I have just been diagnosed a type 2 diabetic.
    About a month ago I started to juice vegetables and started brisk walking
    at a gym 60 minutes a day. I am losing weight and want to lose another 40 –
    60 lbs (I’m now 255 lbs at 5’10” down from 285) I love red meat and Italian
    food (my wife is Italian and a great cook) but I am slowly going completely
    raw vegan if it will control my diabetes. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  13. Lol👌🏾

  14. Tanishia Lyles

    i want to go to this place. im 24 type 2 and sick of it

  15. Leonardo Medina

    Just had my 1-year checkup about a month ago and the results are still in
    the range of 5.5; my morning glucose fasting at the time of the blood test
    was 92.

  16. I’ve only watched the first part so far but when I first went vegan the
    first 4 days were the hardest. I actually had a detox period where I was
    shaky and my stomach hurt. Two weeks later I was running twice as far as I
    have ever ran (17 km).

  17. Monica Perdomo

    Thank you for the video! What’s the name of the book please? Or could you
    give me the recipes?

  18. Yoga Bliss Dance

    Some docs I wont’ name names, but some very famous are so scared of this.
    They simply ignore it and call it woo woo. Yet if a drug did the same
    thing-it’s hailed AS A MIRACLE and must have.
    Open your eyes people. Vast majority of illness is diet/lifestyle and
    stress based. Western Medicine is awesome for trauma- if you are in a car
    accident, WMed is the best- but lets keep it for that. Also for infectious
    diseases WMed is awesome to have but the maintenance of our bodies day to
    day is in our hands our behaviour. Iv’e seen it myself.

    A wholesale adoption of real food again like our ancestors and now with
    hygience we’d all be living long lives naturally.

  19. I doubt it is all shills. plenty of people have raging cases of butthurt.

  20. Charles Martin

    I sincerely pray that God will give me the strength to help my Wife with
    her diabetes and morbidly obese and myself morbidly obese also. Thank you
    for your knowledge

  21. Tanishia Lyles

    there is a book?

  22. Monica Perdomo

    +Tanishia Lyles yeah here is, don’t know the name but google it

  23. Monica Perdomo

    +Tanishia Lyles google the title of the video on Amazon. I am not diabetic
    but I wanna do it too for health, I am a bit overweight so losing weight
    will do me good

  24. Trystan Kavanaugh

    Wow this is really eye opening!!

  25. you got that right.

  26. When food is eaten for our sense pleasure we continue the illusion that it
    is providing something superior that we think we need. Food is fuel. The
    brains satisfaction when we consume certain food lasts only a short while.
    We then have to eat more and more often to continue to get that
    satisfaction. That leads to overeating. Withdraw from the illusion that
    food will TRULY satiate us. Our joy is from within and will never have to
    be supplemented or outsourced. Be still and you will know that I am…

  27. why isn’t this on CNN FOX news?

  28. REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes

    I totally agree with you.

  29. Robert Prechter

    The stupidity of these people bothers me. It’s like all of them have double
    digit IQ’s except the skinny black guy with glasses and the Italian
    catholic guy. The native american is borderline downs syndrome. It’s like
    they purposely pulled all these idiots off a short bus somewhere.

  30. Rodas Pelayo Alfaro

    *How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes Naturally >>*

  31. Lydia Castaneda Arce

    Learn more about alternative methods to manage your blood sugar and avoid
    complications *Diabetescurediets .com*

  32. I ordered the book from my Library today. And next week I’m going to
    Pennsylvania to attend a Food Healing seminar in Malvern PA area. Turns
    out one of my old friends is certified in this process. I’m finding the
    answers I need! I’m happy that those who kept at this program saw
    results. I hope they made it a LIFE style change, and not just 30 days.

  33. Melody, I agree with you.

  34. Absolutely true. Now days our present time and culture leaves everybody
    emotionally empty and spiritually disconnected from our surroundings. So
    then unconsciously we go for filling that empty hole trough fillings
    stomachs and the result is more misery. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM

  35. Candyprincess971

    Go to raw vegan youtube pages like Mimi Kirk, Annette Larkins, Karyn
    Calabrese, Fullyraw for recipes.

  36. +Candyprincess971

    The Newcastle Protocol is not easy. It would be wise to have medical
    intervention or monitoring. Here’s a link.

  37. Candyprincess971

    Thank you, but the article says they got cured after 8 weeks which is
    longer than Dr Cousens’s protocol.

  38. +Candyprincess971​

    You can find different versions of it online. The basic premise is that
    calories are restricted in a specific way, and foods are modified so that
    the body is forced to use up visceral fat. For many this will have the
    effect of unblocking a ‘blockage’ that caused the Type 2 Diabetes.

    For some people it won’t have an effect though. Some diets are quicker…
    He’s a link to faster version.–going-starvation-diet.html

  39. Candyprincess971

    +Gra Piken Thanks again.

  40. Michael Frasier

    Thank u very much for the video but i still believe that in order to
    reverse diabetes the efficient way, the best option is to follow some of
    the highly recommended by experts programs. There’s a few such as David
    Andrews’s or the D cure program (i’m not sure i pronounced it right). But
    still all depends on the person i guess.

  41. can you tell me please from where can i get David Andrews’s program?

  42. i found it but it’s not accessible idk why

  43. Christina Licona

    Interesting that the ad just before this video started was for diabetes
    medication. Pharma wants us to “control” this will pills not eating foods
    that help our bodies. :|

  44. Christina Licona

    Watch Forks over knives, Plant Pure Nation and many others. These are
    proven studies that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that eating fruit and
    vegetables alone will reverse diabetes. Our bodies need the nutrients or it
    doesn’t function correctly, just like putting water in a gas tank.

  45. Start cutting off carb and sugar, it works for me. It took me only a week
    to go down from 300 to now 90-100!

  46. I’m a type 2 diabetic and not to sound negative, but this is not a cure. It
    only places the diabetic state in remission, which is a great thing. I’ve
    been an active bodybuilder since age 13 and never had health problems until
    I stopped around age 45 to concentrate on raising 3 children. My diet and
    life style changed. Insulin levels went up diabetes got worse. At age 62
    now I figured out that fasting and eating a diet similar but not as extreme
    as the one in the video kept my insulin levels down thus normalizing
    insulin sensitivity.

  47. +Candyprincess971
    Check out ” best transformation” on YouTube, he’s doing the Newcastle
    protocol right now.

  48. That’s great.
    Yeah you don’t have to be as extreme as this but maybe the results won’t be
    as good.
    I think if you did this for two weeks or water fasted/ juice fasted then
    went low fat high carb and mostly raw after that you could expect pretty
    good results.
    I also think getting enough calories with added juices would be of benefit
    and fruit too if it can be tolerated.

  49. +Leonardo Medina
    Absolutely amazing and well written, true inspiration to anyone else in
    your situation, I hope many read this and follow your path.
    very well done sir!

  50. I noticed that too, :

  51. Because big pharma companies pay big adverti$ing dollar$ to big media