Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU

Can a person be "cured" of Kind 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg gives convincing evidence that it can, and also the tool is less complex compared to you might think.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Clinically Monitored Weight management Program at IU Health and wellness Arnett, a program she produced. She is board certified in both obesity medicine and inner medicine and has a Master's Degree in Workout Physiology. She has lately produced what is just the second non-surgical weight reduction turning in the country for medical trainees. Her program has actually consistently surpassed nationwide benchmarks for fat burning, as well as has actually been extremely successful backwards diabetes mellitus and then various other metabolic conditions. Dr. Hallberg is additionally the co-author of, a blog about wellness and also wellness.

B.S., Kinesiology & Workout Science, Illinois State College, 1994

M.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Scientific research, Illinois State College, 1996

M.D., Des Moines University, 2002

This talk was offered at a TEDx event making use of the TED seminar style but separately arranged by a local community. Find out more at


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  1. Go vegan, if possible!

  2. All the smart folks who disagree with what she’s saying are siding with 50
    year’s of corporate paid science research that knew this to be true but
    suppressed the information. Jason Fung and Joseph Kraft. Look them up. Lots
    of doctors are curing diabetes and insulin resistance. Obesity is not
    calories in calories out it hormones. I dropped 100 pounds using high fat
    low carb. I carried around that extra weight since my teens. At middle age
    it shouldn’t have been possible. But I researched and did it. Believe me
    you don’t need to eat processed junk. Whole natural food is all you need.
    And tons of fat to keep the arteries well lubricated. Watch how this takes
    off in the next few year’s. Mock it now but you will see.

  3. *Finally Revealed!!! A Natural Cure To Diabetes And It’s Complications>>*

  4. Thanks

  5. Pretty much just what my PCP told me. I cut way down on carbs (mostly
    breads and sweets) and otherwise just eat”normally” – nothing extreme. No
    longer am diabetic and lost 15 pounds in just a couple months. All labs
    back within normal limits.

  6. low-carb diet started some days ago………1.5kg away! amazing

  7. very good

  8. I like it page

  9. Dr. Sarah, you nailed it! For me, the Nutritional Ketogenic Diet has
    solved ALL of my heath problems in less than 6 Months.

  10. *Much relief after going through this stuff [Go Here== *
    *** ].
    Stress no doubt affects my blood sugar levels.Taking a walk usually help
    bring them down.Eating sweets is not my favorite, but if i take a large
    portion of them, my blood sugar level rises high. I think it’s the high
    concentration of the glucose flowing into the bloodstream all at once.This
    is a lesson worth taking note of.This is a great material to learn from.*

  11. Good

  12. Callie Alderete

    I am so glad I found this . I can really tell the difference when I take
    this. I make sure I take it everyday. I have lost weight and my blood sugar
    levels have lowered. I am thankful for the reviews I read before I bought

  13. Md. Kamal Hossan

    Yes thats really awesome product.

  14. Is there an evidence based research?

  15. Sonya & Paul Larisey

    Thank you sweet lady. Clearly you are trying with loving passion to help
    the innocent with your life of education. Professor Noakes in South Africa
    utterly concurs with your take and had a very interesting story here on
    youtube. Keep up the big heart work.

  16. I am a newly diagnosed T2D. Tonight I ate eggplant roasted with garlic and
    coconut oil, with a little cheddar and 2 scrambled eggs. I also had a large
    salad of organic greens drizzled with a tiny bit of olive oil and vinegar.
    My BG reading at one hour after dinner was 86; the reading 2 hours after
    dinner was 82. Since my diagnosis, I have consistently tested my BG levels
    after meals and have restricted carbs. I was still adding too much fruit I
    think. Two weeks ago my fasting BG was 152, and 2 hour postprandial after a
    standard meat & carb meal was 191! Considering that my BG levels never rose
    above 90 with my low-carb meal tonight seems like real progress. For me,
    adding that extra fat has worked like a charm….I can’t wait to see what
    my levels are like in the morning…They’ve consistently lowered from 152
    two weeks ago to approximately 100, but I want the levels even lower in the
    morning. I am not taking medication, I’ve increased walking and today I
    lifted weights at the gym for 20 minutes.

  17. +JHLADDY nG
    Just to prove to everyone how lazy and ignorant this vegan is, I challenge
    anyone to google “Dr. Neal Barnard Clinical Study”. Guess what came up? The
    two clinical studies I mentioned.

    Titles are: A low-fat vegan diet and a conventional diabetes diet in the
    treatment of type 2 diabetes: a randomized, controlled, 74-wk clinical trial
    A Low-Fat Vegan Diet Improves Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Risk
    Factors in a Randomized Clinical Trial in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes

    Now we know that vegans are incapable of the slightest bit of fact
    checking. They prefer to call people liars and wishing death upon them.
    Vegans believe that being vegan makes them immortal or something, despite
    the fact that many vegans have died from heart disease and cancer, like Sam
    Simon, Steve Jobs, and Linda McCartney. So if I used vegan logic, all
    vegans are going to die of cancer and heart disease. But I understand
    science, something vegans will never comprehend, so I know saying those
    things would be insane. Only religious fanatics who know nothing about
    science or evidence would ever use such terms or spread such lies. Which
    is why vegans love it: lies and misinformation are their first loves, next
    to being lazy and refusing to educate themselves.

    Keep it up vegans! You do more harm to your cause than I ever could.

  18. @Huai Li, you know this is one of the first time I feel bad about arguing
    with others, cause typically others have some counter arguments, yours
    really is a Joke, one that made me laugh so hard

  19. +JHLADDY nG
    Please keep posting. Please keep proving you know nothing about science.

    If you read any scientific literature (which no vegan has ever done), you
    know that unless p=< 0.05, then the study failed to show significance. Dr. Barnard's p>0.05, therefore no significance. Therefore, no advantage to a
    vegan diet.

    You can’t blame vegans for their ignorance about these facts. Dr. Barnard
    would be exposed as a fraud and a charlatan if vegans knew how to read
    science, so he keeps his followers in ignorance, praying they never try to
    educate themselves. So far, he’s right. When you see vegans try to use pure
    numbers and not statistical significance to prove a point, you know that
    they have no idea how science works. And that’s just how Barnard, Ornish,
    Campbell, and Greger like it. Once you understand science, you will no
    longer be vegan.

  20. +Huai Li​Sorry didn’t read your whole message cause I know all “facts” are
    rubbish already after your so called proof . Enjoy ur life

  21. What about ketosis for long periods make blood ph too acidic

  22. Eat fats: OK, like bacon and sausage?

  23. Gabriela Manolova

    Sure, low carb intervention would work on clearing the SYMPTOMS in the
    short term, but it won’t cure the CAUSE and this sort of high-protein & fat
    diet would result in so many co-morbid conditions that they’ll simply
    suffer from another condition instead of type 2 diabetes. Yey, doctor –
    good job.

    Of course, “carb” means nothing to me. If she’s talking refined carbs –
    sugars, white rice, white flour, canned foods with extra sugars inside, all
    kinds of heavily processed snacks – sure, that’s bad for you. Anything
    refined/processed is either bad or at least not as good for you than whole
    foods are. But saying “carbs” just like that and oversimplifying things
    that cannot and should not be oversimplified (because people might actually
    take this video at face value if they lack more knowledge on this topic!) –
    you might scare people off of eating fruits, veggies, legumes – all the
    good stuff! Not to mention how the comment about whole grains was just
    stupid. Of course, they are only good when they are whole. But you can’t
    just tell people to avoid them altogether at the risk of not recognizing
    which ones really are whole and which aren’t – instead you should focus on
    teaching people how to recognize the healthy foods in the supermarket, how
    to read the labels and make informed decisions. Otherwise why oversimplify
    and tell people to eat “fat”? Do you really believe saturated or trans fat
    is good for you? Do you believe refined oils, such as sunflower oil, corn
    oil, soya oil (all with bad omega 3 to omega 6 ratios) are good for you?
    Yes, nut & seed oils and avocado oils are fabulous (provided you’re
    consuming the actual nuts & seeds and avocado, not their extracted oil!).
    Olive oil could work as salad dressing when you want to indulge. But
    telling people that fat, in general, is good for them? Oversimplifications
    like this are what causes people who want to be more healthy and trust
    doctors blindly (which, at the end of the day, we should be able to do!) to
    get sicker, instead of healthier, when they have all the willingness and
    good intention in the world. And that’s just sad.

  24. All you guys should try it.

  25. I agree, do the work and find out what’s best for you. We can’t make others
    our guides 100% of the time, they are going to err in some ways. Who to
    listen to? another Ted Talk video with speaker, Neil Barnard says
    the opposite. He says no fat and carbs, such as bread/pasta are okay? He
    even claims some man got cured and doctor wanted to know what he had been
    doing. Such conflicting advice, I will venture to say, listen to your
    body and eat sensible, what may work for some may not be as good for others.

  26. +L’Uriel
    Dr. Barnard has released at least 3 studies that prove everything he
    preaches is false. Each time, he compared a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet
    to some other diet (2x it was the ADA diet and 1x some low-cholesterol
    diet) and all 3 times the results were the same: there was no statistical
    difference between the vegan diet and the control diet. Thus, Dr. Neal
    Barnard has published 3 studies proving beyond a reasonable doubt that a
    vegan diet offers no special or extra benefits. Yet, Dr. Barnard has
    claimed each time that his vegan diet is the best and he has proven that it
    “reverses T2 diabetes”. The man is a fraud and a charlatan.

  27. Thanks for the update.

  28. The best advice given. also watch Dr. Terry Wahls on youtube

  29. Md. Kamal Hossan

    Just one week, the blood sugar of my mom decreased from 5.9 to 5.3. This
    product really helps her.

  30. The noodles in American style ‘Chinese’ food tend to spike insulin levels
    even faster, and maybe higher, than the rice.

  31. I’m waiting for your vegan punchline. Or your punch-line heavily influenced
    by vegans lies. I’m sure it will be worth my time…

  32. I am not a vegan and never will be. I think that is unhealthy to ignore
    such an important component of the food pyramid. Steak, fish, chicken,
    turkey and pork is healthy.

  33. +David Crandall
    You can also eat avocado, olives, olive oil, evoo, coconut oil, lard. But
    yes, the video doesn’t say to just eat fat. Just that fat is healthy, even
    saturated fat is good for normal people without severe health problems. If
    someone has severe health problems, they ought to consider their personal
    situation. Meat has been demonized for years, and fatty meat even more
    demonized. It’s not something to fear. But be wise, veggies are full of
    polyphenols, phytonutrients, and anti-oxidants, and a host of other

    But there are also many other caveats. If you aren’t t2 diabetic or suffer
    from metabolic syndrome, then just eating real food tends to be enough. But
    since 2/3 of Americans are over-weight or obese, and t2 diabetes is
    skyrocketing, this advice could help millions of people.

    Berries and some fruits also probably fine. Starchy and sugary fruit like
    bananas tend to be frowned on, and fruit overall can easily be over-eaten
    when trying to satisfy a sweet-tooth. So again, be wise.

  34. The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and American
    Cancer Society, for instance, all recommend low-fat or no-fat dairy. The US
    Department of Agriculture, in their nutrition guidelines for Americans,
    also advises, “Dairy Group choices should be fat-free or low-fat.” So
    what’s the problem? The advice to eat low-fat foods, including dairy, is
    antiquated, at least back to the 1970s, when low-fat diets were first
    recommended. It’s also not scientifically supported, and if you’re choosing
    low-fat over full-fat, not only are you missing out on taste, flavor and
    satisfaction, but you’re missing out on valuable benefits to your health –
    benefits that come from eating full-fat foods.

  35. +David Crandall
    Yep. It means people are eating low-fat for no reason, and they are
    choosing carb heavy diets, both of which have created the obesity epidemic
    and diabetes epidemic. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat healthy veggies.

    It is odd that all studies show full fat milk, evoo, nuts, and fish are all
    strongly associated with low-body fat and heart health and have been for
    decades. Yet, we’re told to avoid or cut the fat.

  36. Nice to have the truth…. Money is the root of all medicine. Stinks… Why
    do people want to hurt people for money.

  37. Seriously, how hard is it to google keto study? There are dozens of
    studies, controlled studies, and studies of ultra endurance athletes. They
    all come to the same result which is LCHF is good for you.

  38. And vegetables. People are getting the idea this is a no vegetable diet
    when it should be a lot of vegetables.

  39. +Brian Demarest
    Yep. You can eat a ton of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers,
    tomatoes, arugula, lettuce, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, spinach, kale,
    herbs and spices, etc before you eat a lot of carbs.

  40. Just one more success story on top of the millions reported since
    dieticians started recommending this diet in the 1910s and STILL people and
    the establishment ignore the results.

    Here’s a low-carb cookbook for diabetics from 1917:

  41. I think the general rule of thumb on veggies is that you want above ground
    ones. Root veggies generally seem to have a lot of starch? I am no expert
    by any means but I recall reading this a few times and have used this rule
    of thumb while shopping.

  42. Thanks Brian. It’s amazing how effective the low-carb diet is! But it makes
    total sense….I developed gestational diabetes while pregnant 6 years ago;
    the meal plan that my nutritionist outline still included TONS of carbs,
    and I just controlled BG with INSULIN injections. Why are people still
    getting the terrible advice to eat carbs after being diagnosed with T2D????
    I just do not get it! I hope that the medical community embraces the true
    wisdom that has actually been around for a long time as you have pointed
    out. Love your photo by the way!

  43. StarFire Alternity

    Its simple BIG PHARMA makes a killing in cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ They
    dont want to know about cures , because they would have no BIG incomes and
    BIG Pharma monopolies would not exist

    The are conspiratorially conning everyone , i full knowledge that hide the
    actual facts X

  44. StarFire Alternity

    WOW !! Yea burn that book right away dont let the public get their hand on
    that !! WOW !!

  45. One good source is chapters 32 – 34 of “Natural Born Heroes” by Christopher
    McDougall. He talks about our ancestral history of a high-fat/low-carb diet.

    In addition, this book points to numerous other reliable resources from
    which the information was derived.

  46. You have the part about protein and fat not causing an insulin spike right.
    However, you ought to be intelligent about eating animal flesh
    indiscriminately(maybe a tad strong). It will be nothing more than a short
    to intermediate term answer. Animal products contribute to gout, cause
    difficulty with your digestive track(lack fiber), can be high in calories(
    go dip lobster in some butter), and often have harmful hormones in them.
    They block the production of serotonin often leading to at least slight
    depression, right? I mean tryptophan is usually in much smaller quantities
    in animal products than other amino acids and it gets “boxed
    out”(basketball term). Lastly, it seems we often raise the animals in an
    inhumane way, so if you have a conscious, you might want to consider that.
    Another big part of the problem is that we are sitting all day long and not
    moving. For your info, I do believe in using small to moderate amounts of
    animal products. Also, you can increase the amount of animal protein even
    higher, but it needs to be higher quality and combined with the right

  47. +Gabriela Manolova – All studies of low carb high fat diets that I’ve seen
    show LDL decreases and HDL increases. Cholesterol itself has been demonised
    with no science to back it up. Your brain is 70% fat and 20% of that is
    cholesterol. Every cell wall is cholesterol. Your nervous system requires
    cholesterol. There are no studies that find cholesterol causes disease, LDL
    or HDL, in the absence of inflammatories like carbs, sugar, vegetable oil,

    Did you know the whole “cholesterol is bad” was based on a single
    fraudulent study and has never been supported since? The US, in 2015,
    finally removed the limitation on cholesterol from its nutritional

  48. +Trever Bull – My point is that extracting something you want or need from
    a plant in NO WAY automatically makes it bad. YOU claimed EVERYONE agrees
    that ALL processed foods are bad. That’s false on several levels.

    Mother nature couldn’t care less what a human needs, WE evolved to use what
    was available, like meat and fat. Not big yellow bananas full of sugar that
    were available almost never.

  49. Phone is dying so I’ll get back to you guys later

  50. Beautifully presented. What a wonderful tool for practitioners when trying
    to educate clients. Thank you.

  51. +Brian Demarest
    Our closest genetic relative by 98.7% is the Bonobo. One difference
    between us is the number of Amylase gene copies on a chromosomes, we can
    have up 8x more copies than the Bonobo. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that
    specifically helps break down complex sugars, like starch, into simpler
    sugars that can be processed by other enzymes or absorbed by the intestine.
    This means we are meant to eat more starches than them.

    The Bonobo diet consists mainly of plant products including fruit, seeds,
    sprouts, leaves, flowers, bark, stems, pith, roots, and mushrooms. Though
    the MAJORITY of their diet is fruit (57%). Unlike chimpanzees, bonobos do
    not actively hunt mammalian prey but feed on it opportunistically. Because
    of the relative richness of their habitat and availability of food sources,
    there is little constraint on bonobo group size. Read the last sentence
    very closely!!