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Why Is Male Obesity More Prevalent Than For Women?

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Male obesity problems are becoming very popular topics these days … and it’s increasing in the United States. Historically, weight-loss programs and diet plans often focus more so on the ladies than men, however, the American Obesity Association found that the occurrence of obesity is greater for men (67 percent) than for women (62 percent). A recent research from the National Institute of Health (NIH), conducted over 30 years, revealed 90% of men and 70% of women were obese or became obese. Regardless of being more susceptible to weight problems, only 39 percent of men are on a diet or would attempt a diet plan to lose weight as compared to 70 percent of women.

While some men do place importance on health and weight loss, their approach tends to be different than most women, and therefore guys are hesitant to go on a diet. According to the NIH, 66 percent of guys state they consume the foods they eat regardless of calories, which leaves guys wondering how can they eat what they want and still lose weight.

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A new dieting program designed just for guys and gals marries two concepts … weight loss and excellent food-to help men achieve their weight-loss goals. The weight-loss program is called NutriSystem Fast 5, and it’s available online here. The program is based on portion-controlled, lower-Glycemic-Index prepared meals, so everything is currently done for you. And best of all, it guarantees you will lose 5 pounds in just 5 days and 1 inch off your waistline!

The plan is simple and time efficient since there are no group conferences to attend. The program leaves the stress of determining exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat up to the specialist, but you still get to pick your foods. Men can still eat their favorites, such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, lasagna, pot roast, tacos and scrambled eggs … and you don’t have to eat stuff you don’t like.

The program was created so you don’t have to count carbs, calories, or points. You can finally eat what you like and still lose fat due to the fact that NutriSystem has actually discovered a method to intertwine all the foods you like with an effective weight-loss strategy.

It's your life ... How do you want to live?

It’s your life … How do you want to live?

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