Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

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Jillian Michaels: Yoga Disaster Level 1 is developed to shape muscular tissue, melt fat, and also tone your entire body quick! Begin with a gentle vinyasa, after that kick up the intensity with a collection of yoga postures integrated with Jillian's trademark workouts that concentrate on flow and also form to develop core stamina and enhance outcomes. Ultimately, stretch out and also optimize your efforts with a muscle-soothing cool off. Join America's Toughest Trainer, Jillian Michaels in this efficient total-body toning exercise that will certainly change your body and also obtain you rock-hard outcomes! Click Here for even more Jillian Workouts!

This workout is from Jillian Michaels DVD "Yoga exercise Meltdown".

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  1. Holy wow! first time doing yoga and this was AMAZING! Im way more flexible
    than I thought! Definately will be doing again, Im sweating like crazy!

  2. I don’t know why but I thought she would have an actual meltdown

  3. i don’t like those kind of videos because i don’t feel the “relaxation”
    even after. And i’m not really a beginner. I prefer boho beautiful but
    yours are not bad too ! it’s just a personal advice

  4. lucky is not me work out together with her in that video, otherwise i ll
    puke on the yoga mat or pretend im already dead.

  5. +A Boston Yes, this is fitness. People wants to believe this is yoga. Yoga
    postures are static. In YOGA SUTRA by Patanjali it is written it’s need to
    remain perfect concentrate for few minutes more for each asana. For
    GARUDHASANA- min 5 minutes for each part. For PASCHIMOTANASANA- minumum 15
    minutes. For some asanas for improve concentration , for improve vitality
    or afection, its more minutes for each positions. After each asana its need
    few minutes for awakening. Some yoga postures include breathing- PRANAYAMA.
    Or there are separate techniques for breathing – PRANAYAMA. Those technique
    are static also. There are few exercises with some dynamic. The fammous one
    is SUN SALUTATION. And we talking here about the famous branch in YOGA
    calls HATHA YOGA. But there are many other formsof YOGA- KARMA YOGA,
    KUNDALINI YOGA, KRIYA YOGA ( The famous line of gurus- Babaji- Sri
    Yukteshwar, Yogananda) , BHAKTI YOGA , RAJA YOGA, JNANA YOGA and other
    forms- acording with ancient texts.

  6. Michelle Campbell

    At the beginning of the video Jillian clearly states the routine includes
    yoga moves with modifications. This is a yoga-inspired workout with some
    light cardio thrown in to up the ante. It’s not that hard to figure out
    guys! I think it’s a great workout 🙂

  7. yeah this is yoga

  8. Catherine Alex

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  9. This kind of push ups are really hard!

  10. +Melody Headburn This is not really traditional yoga for relaxation. It’s
    more like a slower workout for fitness.

  11. Amber Gruszeczka

    I’ve been doing this about 2x a week for about 6 months and at first my
    arms were so weak I was flopping around like a seal during the Rolling T’s
    but now I can actually do them!! Don’t give up guys, you can do it.

  12. Maria Steeneveldt

    Why don’t i feel it burning?! Is it because I’m doing it wrong?

  13. You really should be burning, unless you are already very strong. The main
    area that lots of people don’t realize they’re oversimplifying is their
    vinyasa. When you move from high to low plank (chaturanga), your body
    should hover and never make contact with the floor (except your hands and
    feet). This low-plank pose should really be difficult unless you are very
    strong. It is often called “push-up” pose because you are the low position
    of a push-up. Another common mistake is upward dog. Lots of people
    accidentally do cobra pose when they think they’re doing upward dog. When
    you do cobra, your body is resting on the floor. When you do up-dog, your
    whole body is off the floor, except your hands and feet. Think of up-dog as
    a high plank, but with the top of your feet touching the floor, instead of
    being on your toes as you do in a plank.

    So essentially, the movement between low plank and upward dog is a push-up.
    Push ups should bring heat to your body. Google some pictures or videos on
    how to do a chaturanga and vinyasa. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

  14. OH gosh! hahahaha I laughed for real reading your comment about flopping
    around like a seal. That is EXACTLY how I just felt!! I’ve only done the
    workout twice so far and its tough! I did feel slightly stronger to flow
    through the poses better this time. I’m also doing the 30 Day Shred. I was
    thinking I’d add in some nice slow yoga to stretch hahahah this is madness,
    but its awesome! Great Job on sticking with it! I’m inspired to keep with
    it. I really want to do the rolling T’s legitimately.

  15. Amber Gruszeczka

    +Minda Fraser Good job! and yes you can do them if you keep trying. I’ve
    been slacking since I wrote that comment though, so thanks for reminding me

  16. relaxingrecords - Relaxing Sleep Study Music

    This is brilliant!

  17. Denise and Stephen

    have you lost any weight in the past months?x

  18. she’s like a hardcore version of jennifer aniston

  19. Definitely going to be one of my” go to yoga” workouts! Thanks Jillian for
    a great strength and stretch all in 35 min!

  20. Im doing this even tho I have arthritis on both knees but lets see how this
    work for me today is my 2nd day !!!!

  21. Carla Torres Garces

    yoga is an spiritual practice not an exercise shouldn’t be treated like

  22. Try Yoga With Adrien for gentler practice 🙂

  23. nguyen khanh ngoc

    Imagine never having to suffer through another boring cardio workout again.

  24. Biplab Roy (Sontu)

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out is
    searching for yoga fitness workout try Nevolly Yoga Expert Nerd (just
    google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got
    amazing results with it.

  25. Brenda Sauceda-Mendoza

    died in 4 min…..loved it though!!! was dripping sweat by the end of the

  26. time is at a stand still with this work out. Im done (after 10 minutes)

  27. can i ask a question ? is yoga more affective than working out ?

  28. More effective than what, exactly?
    More effective than cardio for weight loss? In the long run, for sure.
    Because it builds muscle.
    More effective than weight lifting and machines? No. They both build muscle
    and all the calories you eat in a day first go towards feeding your
    muscles. The rest of the calories you don’t burn off turn into fat. More
    muscle = more calories put to good use = weight loss.
    More effective for stress relief than traditional working out? That all
    depends on if you like to be soothed or you like the intensity of your
    blaring music keeping you going.
    (also, this is not traditional yoga. Not relaxing, not smooth transitions
    and not holding poses for long enough)

  29. Ahaha! That visual though ~

  30. +Jacie West ૐ okay

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  33. militant beach barbie much?

  34. “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” is not a yogic practice. 🙁

  35. *thanks so much!! I love it!. makes me see Yoga practices in a different
    Have an awesome day!

  36. Why not, if it works for someone. Yoga is an individual practice, why do
    you think they have modifications, and tell people to go at their own pace.
    Look how many routines are made for strength, working one particular
    section of the body, bedtime or night routines, as well as look at the
    faster workout videos. How many movements in there do you think originated
    from yoga poses?