Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1

This article reveals how you can eat more and lose weight!
You don’t have to change your diet or exercise more, 
Just add these to your daily diet!

Jillian Michaels One Month Shred Level 1 will shed fat with this interval training health and fitness system, incorporating strength, cardio, and abs exercises that blast calories to obtain you shredded and torn.
This workout is from Jillian Micheal's the DVD Thirty Days Shred.

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  1. Natalie didn’t do her lunges at 12:30. I wonder if Jillian saw

  2. +icebunny AJ 1 when?

  3. Day 9 today!! I feel the change already.

  4. It’s really getting easier guys. I am a person who never does any sport, so
    day 1 was really hard for me. Few days later I only had to stop once on the
    rope jumping to rest. You can do it!

  5. Just a heads up. I started this last July, did awesome, lost weight, lost a
    dress size. I then faild to do it a couple of times, & got it into my mind
    I’d failed full stop. I put all the weight, & more back on, & was miserable.

    I had enough, & restarted it, & have got it into my head that a day missed
    is NOT a failure. Small steps are more sustainable than big leaps. If you
    end up taking a week off, that doesn’t mean you can’t start again straight
    away. It’s only a failure if you lose complete faith in yourself.

    I’ve just finished day 8 again, & I feel awesome. I’m not where I was last
    year, but I’m losing the odd pound per week, & I’m more than happy.

    Thanks Jllian!

  6. I start in Ramadan

  7. Fatima Khudhairy

    Count me in 🙅🏻

  8. I just finished level 3 today!
    I am an 18 year old girl who weighs about 150 lbs. I am honestly pretty
    lazy and hadn’t had a lot of prior exercise before this lol although I did
    do two weeks of the 6 week 6 pack.
    Anyway, this workout is HARD. But it does get easier within a few days, I
    promise. So keep it up and believe in yourself!
    I found level 1 to be very hard on my arms. After the first time doing
    level 1, my arms hurt so badly I could hardly move them for 4 days. There
    is no shame in taking it easy the first couple days. Take rest if need be
    to give your arms a break.
    Level 2 has some advanced and very challenging cardio, many people say it’s
    the hardest for them, so be prepared for this. It’s the most challenging
    part of level 2. Level 3 is the most challenging strength wise. Even after
    finishing 10 days, I am still not physically strong enough to do some of
    the advanced moves. Therefore, I found level 3 to be the most difficult for
    me. It also never really got easier like the other levels did.
    I did not change my diet, therefore I honestly didn’t lose any weight.
    However, you can see significant change in my arms and legs, as they are
    now fairly toned. And my abs feel much stronger. I can do things (like
    pushups!) that I definitely could not do before. Also, my flexibility has
    improved significantly.
    I encourage everyone to take pictures! This is something I regret not doing.
    I probably did the workout a bit too frequently (about 6x/week), it’s
    suggested you take TWO rest days.
    Also, don’t feel like you have to move up to the next level just because
    it’s been 10 days. Take your time. I plan on continuing with level 3
    because I’m not comfortable with all the moves yet and it’s still very hard.
    Good luck to everyone. This is an awesome, challenging and effective
    workout that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend. And just remember that you
    CAN do it!

  9. Nthabeleng Komane

    hey i can totallyb relate. had a similar experience last year then my
    weight just got out of control. this year i started by keeping a yes pad-
    where i schedule my workouts and make sure i say yes to each workout. im
    officially on day 54 saying yes and the changes are amazing… more than
    anything im getting stronger, shred is a breeze now ive moved to no more
    trouble zones which i trust will be a breeze by day 100…. thank you for

  10. I’m doing this everyday till school starts again

  11. Sulayman Alharby

    me too

  12. very true, I did the ab one first aswell x

  13. It’s my last day for the level 1 30 day shred and I am feeling great. I
    took some pictures of my body and I almost feel like crying like why did I
    allow myself to get this overweight 😢. Then I notice the views 35 millions
    for level 1 and level 2 it’s only 8 millions views only a few make it. I am
    hoping with this realization I can put all my problems aside and just focus
    on building my self confidence back.

  14. Results? Now that Ramadan is nearly over.

  15. I love this comment section! I read everyone telling each other not to give
    up, and that they can do it! Makes me feel happy :D

  16. So, level 1 is for the first 10 days; level 2, until day 20; and level 3;
    from day 20-30?

  17. Haha, naughty nat!

  18. You can do it! The hardest part is to start, but once you’ve adapted to
    doing workouts it ges easier. You might also try to make them more
    difficult when that happens. Lol Currently on my 3rd cycle and lost 22 lbs.

  19. What is the schedule for this workout? How many times do we do this and
    when is it time to move towards lvl 2?

  20. Duchess AinSoph

    Today is day 7 for me and I already feel and see my body changing! I feel
    like Jilian is really supportive! I feel like a Wonder Woman right now.

  21. at least 5 times a week.
    levle 1 = 10 days
    levle 2 = 10 – days
    levle 3 = 10 – days
    all together you will do it for 30 days. drink lots of water before and
    after to hydrate your muscles. mine started to stiffen up in week 2.

  22. +Mia Brooks thanks!!!

  23. does anyone have link to level3?

  24. Ur such a tattle tale😂😂

  25. how was your results?

  26. Don’t drink a lot of water before just a little bit or your stomach will
    start cramping, but you can drink along the way just not too much.

  27. Little Unicorn Minions

    So how has it been ? i am on Level 1 day 6

  28. +Shivam Tiwari this one is for total body I think you should go with the
    six pack as ur not overweight just need to tone up that area and the six
    week six pack I think is ideal I never did it but will in fiture

  29. +Sabrina Harry m also thinking for same …..anyways thanku for ur reply
    frm were u r

  30. +Shivam Tiwari let me know how it went lol

  31. +Shivam Tiwari Caribbean

  32. results ?

  33. This really works! I’ve been doing these for a while and results are
    amazing !! Feels good

  34. So you’re supposed to do level 1 for 10 days, then level 2 for 10 days and
    finally level 3 for 10 days? Is this how it works? Plus, are you supposed
    to do this every day or 3 times a week for example is fine?

  35. yes you do each level for 10 days, no rest days

  36. I Just would like to say this, I’ve lost 4 kilos just from Friday to
    Wednesday which means 6 days only, and yes I’m eating properly, also to
    add, first three days are the hardest, but later you’ll find yourself able
    to push yourself more and more.
    One thing left to add, I had a leg surgery this January 2016 and pain was
    unbearable but I focused on following healthy habits, and I’m not stopping.
    Wish me luck everybody :)

  37. What’s that in pounds?

  38. Waldemar Rodriguez

    Am I the only guy that’s doing this workout?

  39. +Rina Pino 8,8 pounds

  40. No, my best friend also a guy, is doing this with me and he is slaying it!
    We’re on day 4 and its utter hell, going down the stairs is a torture but
    I’m hoping it will get easier soon. Good luck on your journey!

  41. Waldemar Rodriguez

    +Ainur Satekova thanks !

  42. Little Unicorn Minions

    +Hailey Baker Nice ! i am on level 2 day 2 i can see the difference

  43. +TokkaFan41
    whaaat? no rest days? :-O

  44. me too

  45. LaLaLandgirl rose

    I have rheumatoid arthritis in my whole body specially from my neck to my
    fingers & I’m 17 years old & 80kgs and I’m short as well i don’t know how
    I’m gonna do this! But i really wanna lose weight!! i thought of starting
    today but i got my rheumatoid attack & i couldn’t do it!! LORD help me with
    my pain & let me get slim!! 😢😢😢😢

  46. +Shivam Tiwari I think it’s days 1-10 is level 1, days 11-20 is level 2,
    and days 21-30 is level 3.😊

  47. whats a youtube lol

    you can just walk an hour everyday, I’m not sure if that has the same
    effect on rheumatoid as working out but don’t give up!

  48. LaLaLandgirl rose

    +whats a youtube lol Thank You 🙂 !!! Its hard for me to do anything when
    I’m in pain!

  49. you could always try doing 30mins a day on the cross trainer! I’ve heard
    that’s really easy on the joints but you still sweat buckets!

  50. same

  51. How do you make the workouts a bit harder when they get too easy?

  52. Gökçenaz Uysal

    İt isn’t getting easier.We are getting more powerful

  53. +Hannah L so we have to do Level 1 for 10 days? my friend recommended this
    to me, and she has 10 days left. So this is my first doing this, and I need
    help .😃

  54. Its recommended to do 5 days a week at least. Because it is only 30 minutes
    workout it’s not as extreme to workout daily without rest days, but
    ultimately listen to your body. If you feel sore, then give your body a
    rest and then get right back into it!

  55. Started 30 day shred and 6 week 6 packs ..4 days ago and already lost 6 lbs
    🙂 So happy thanx jillian .. Starting weight 158
    Current weight 152
    Goal weight 127

  56. Way to go!

  57. +Curvy Couture Step it up to level 2! It’s here on YouTube.

  58. Wow! Awesome work/results! ^o^/

  59. The 30 Day Shred is extremely easy. Just go for some intense cardio like

  60. Doing this with my wife, hang in there 😉

  61. omg that’s amazing ….. I’m starting this today:)

  62. 19 Aug – 148 lbs sooo happy

  63. no level1 is first 10 day level 2 10day level 3 10 day

  64. I really appreciate you sharing your experience! I’ve never made it past
    the first day of Level 2, I hope I can push through this time.
    Congratulations on your success and good luck!

  65. Keep trying, I promise it gets easier!
    Thank you so much and good luck to you too!

  66. nope

  67. +Ashikin Affandi do you repeat this everyday?

  68. Aurora Lopatriello

    girl you can do this, maybe try yoga first as its a little smoother with
    less impact

  69. +Chrissy Mitchell pls tel me that this exercise is also for c section

  70. Ruby Crepemyrtle

    Semantics..power equates to ease

  71. +Gökçenaz Uysal +1 knk

  72. me too i wont to loss some whigth after school

  73. question: I’m heavily UNDERweight, but I have no eating disorders or such,
    I eat like everybody else. Is this program recommended for undeweight
    people or not?

  74. I haven’t done this all summer and I’m sure feeling it after tonight!