How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

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On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to start your six pack! This total abdominal exercise will aid you melt calories and flatten your stomach for the summer season! Follow along as well as allow us understand just what you assumed.

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How To Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs

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  1. Anyone here because summer is here in 2 month?

  2. How do you all do it in the same time as the video goes? After every
    exercise I pause the video, lay on the floor like a rejected baby for a
    minute and then continue.

  3. you know your out of shape when watching her makes you tired.

  4. I am not doing this if it has burpees

  5. She makes it look soo easy, like its a piece of cake. I tried doing this
    and I died, I’m commenting from hell✌🏼️

  6. Phương Anh Nguyễn

    My friends always call me skinny girl. That’s because they had never see my
    big fat belly lol. So that’s why i’m here =))

  7. I want to see a person with belly fat do these ‘5 minute abs’ workout to
    prove they actually work, not some girl who has abs to start off with

  8. Got an ad for McDonald’s

  9. Anne_ARMY 97_AROHA 98

    This feels like the longest 5 minutes of my life 😂😂

  10. anyone here because they have a pool party in 2 weeks!?!??!??

  11. im sooo proud of myself for doing 20% of the work out😭😇☺️

  12. 😂😂

  13. Same😂

  14. Isabelle Bailey

    yass me to

  15. LPS Daisy Productions

    *finishes workout* …… *looks at mirror for results in one day* ….

  16. LPS Daisy Productions

    I’m to lazy to do the 10 minute ab workout so I do this 2 time haha

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    No matter how big or small the workout, you’ll feel energized, strong, and
    confident afterward.

  18. Coucou

  19. I have a pool party this saturday

  20. Lmao same

  21. +Adriana Mortice​​​​​ but it burns more calory than any excercise in one
    single repetition.

    You should start with low repetition, like 20-30rep, then recover, and then
    repeat till you can do 200 rep a day, then see the result

  22. What are burpees?

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  24. She:”its hard to talk while doing those exercises”
    Me: I cannot even breath

  25. That’s the same thing smh

  26. then your not going to be fit if you don’t have the spirit…… so you
    better do the exercise ./. 💪

  27. so me lool

  28. Weeweegamer “Adexcharted”

    not me i carry on im young

  29. I what to look good for my senior year class of 2017

  30. I’m in Hawaii and you know what that means. Bikini time. I ain’t wearing a
    bikini with all that winter fat stocked up

  31. Same here 😀

  32. same here too

  33. I hate how I wanna see results in comments but nobody puts them😂😂

  34. satan

  35. Want to have a sex with this girl

  36. I need to get a flat belly until tomorrow bc I’m gonna go swimming with my
    class. Well.

  37. Elba Veronica Soriano Guevara

    +Aaliyah J same here

  38. Implosion Gaming

    I actually bought Insanity this summer…going to commit to it fully and
    have already bought the food suggested in the Elite Nutrition guide.
    Hopefully by the start of September I’ll have a more healthy and lean body.

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  40. The Acro Sisters

    I am 12 and did it and it was so easy since I’m a gymnast I just wanted to
    see how people work out

  41. army 💖

  42. +Sheila Auguste will it work for a 14 year old ? ✨

  43. krzysztof dulnikiewicz

    I wish all the fat in my belly is moved to my butt and boobs *sigh*

  44. omg me lol

  45. Im gonna try this daily for at least a month, if i remember i will update
    people 🙂 i have very stubborn belly fat so i hope it helps!

  46. Also if anyone wants to know im 5’6 and 160 lbs

  47. awakenedmemories9


  48. +Implosion Gaming I knoww I want to feel confident for next school year 😀

  49. Kerith Bradshaw

    +Amie Addis I think so considering I am too! 😂

  50. same my friends don’t know that I have a gut

  51. Francesca Cedeno

    lmao how did it go

  52. ahahahahaha

  53. im the same she talks very good but i think that im gona die right now

  54. Solitary Confinement

    Omg gurl same except My class is starting next week and we’re going to the
    beach for camp to do surfing :/

  55. Emily Hernandez


  56. 😂😂😂

  57. I laughed so hard 😂


  59. +Solitary Confinement army??

  60. Solitary Confinement

    +Mariia _93 Ye 😂

  61. Msp pretty girl

    I’m just eating McDonald’s while watching her, and I’m already tired…

  62. hahahaha this comment made me laugh out loud😂😂

  63. They work if you do the diet too 🙂 I got it to show great results in 2

  64. update plz

  65. Katren Freiheit

    omg same my genetics leave no room for either but i love food which leaves
    me with a potato body… i love my potato body tho

  66. Banan eamaishat

    Kookie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Banan eamaishat

    +Solitary Confinement jimin ❤️❤️

  68. How’s it coming?

  69. ‘It’s a trap’

  70. Lol same I cover my fat belly with the top of my jeans

  71. Kristina Blažević

    hahahhahahahha oh

  72. i only have a 3 of weeks till school so here i go