Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

This article reveals how you can eat more and lose weight!
You don’t have to change your diet or exercise more, 
Just add these to your daily diet!

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  1. OpinionatedBeach

    lmao only made it to 14 min and i work out 3-5 times a week, managing to
    squeeze in atleast 20-30 mins of cardio each work out. i feel better seeing
    everyone else suffer with exhaustion.

  2. I am in really bad shape.I could not do all the exercises.

  3. Sergio Valenzuela

    I lost 26 pounds in 1 month crazy with this work out everyday got to put in
    effort all the way !!

  4. My active rests were basically me reaching for my water bottle lol

  5. I DID IT! I watched the whole video.

  6. Natural beauty

    +0mazin hahahaa me too lool. I’m in the kitchen working out I
    cant stop turning on my tap for some water while trying to battle on.

  7. First day and got to 11 minutes. I’m exhausted😩

  8. yeah same. 14 mins! lol so unfit.

  9. I did this for a month and I’ve lost 8kg

  10. Nobody should feel disappointed if they can’t finish the whole video or if
    they aren’t losing weight that fast. Girls, don’t obsess over your fat! I
    know some of my friends (and me myself) who fall into the normal BMI range,
    some even underweight, yet think they are fat and get obsessed over it. All
    bodies different, and yes, this isn’t fair, seeing a skinny girl eat a
    bunch of fast food and not gaining weight when you hesitate to even take a
    piece of cake. A friend of mine eats EXTREMELY healthy,, and I am serious,
    she eats better than at a nutritionist- and exercises a lot, while her body
    is still slightly chubby and has always been. Or those people who don’t eat
    anything a day and lose so much weight, but if you try this too you end up
    with saggy fat. I know it is awful to deal with the beauty standards,
    especially if it is about looking only skin and bones.
    But your weight does not matter as long as you are healthy! Don’t overwork
    or starve.yourself, sometimes it just doesn’t happen- you are just normal!
    Toning your body is always the best choice, and cardio workouts- but not
    because they are really efective, but because they will make you feel
    better while maintaining your health. Don’t give up, but make sure to set
    realistical limits!

  11. LetsMakeSomething


  12. same

  13. Vaishnavi Shekar

    i maybe a sadist but seeing all these comments about how they couldnt
    finish gives me a sense of accomplishment as i got through without much

  14. That won’t help, the water doesn’t digest, as in gives you energy, until
    one day later.

    All you are doing is making your stomach more full.

  15. I got here when I searched “how to loose weight without going go the gym”.
    One lady linked this video and I just love this one. it’s a simple but full
    body workout.

    I gain weight easily and now I’m quite heavy for my height. Its my first
    day. I lost my breathe many times but I tried my best.

    First day: Got sore legs and tummy.
    I will try to update everyday soon after I finish the exercise every single
    It’s for personal motivation..

  16. I’m thinking of doing this each day (or when I have the time) then right
    after maybe eating fruits & drinking water then taking a nap, is that

  17. i think this would be more interesting and enjoyable with music ;)

  18. Clarissa Casey

    +Moe Dabbous while doing this each day, make sure you drink plenty of water
    before and after. Before laying down to take a nap or go to bed (which you
    need atleast 8 hours of sleep! Make sure you go to bed on time. Staying up
    late and having an off sleeping schedule can lead to forms of weight gain)
    drink a glass of water with cucumber slices and squeezed lemon juice in it.
    This will boost your metabolism slightly to help burn calories. Don’t take
    long naps as it may alter your sleep at night. Walk as much as you can when
    not working out. Go to the park, or the mall even if you’re not going to
    buy things. Just walk around. Watch your calories and have fun with it. If
    you seem to have a hard time at first working out 30 minutes a day then
    start with 10 or whatever fits you best and work your way up! Hope this

  19. Moomi Gerritsen

    This a working thanks I can now do this every day for a weeks and try to
    motivate myself to work out, I really pushed my self this time. 😂😄

  20. Moomi Gerritsen

    Now I’m gonna watch vanossgaming

  21. LOVED IT AM 180 Pounds Trying to To 160 Pounds In 40 Days And GoOd Workout
    Just have to do it and don’t give up

  22. +trevor bgs it’s called being thirsty

  23. Jimin is my spirit animal

    Im 160cm tall and currently 68kg. Hope i could reach my goal weight of
    53kg. Wish me luck T___T

  24. Made it to 27 mins… I can’t do more.

  25. Ome Samesss oonly got to 27

  26. Liksadpordfally 787

    have a quick rest then continue, trust me you’re almost done

  27. +Nova Utan Amazing! was it this workout? and how many times a week?

  28. +Sanaa It’s indeed work out. if you want me to send you my pic i will show
    it to you.. do it everyday. but rest in every 3 days.. but im still doing
    light exercise in the day i rest. You have to watch the other video. it
    says in one day at least we have to do 30 minutes exercise in total. it
    means ..its better if we exercises devided into few times it means in
    morning afternoon or night but in total at least 30 minutes if we want to
    burn fat.. it work for me….and dont forget to eat clean..its good for
    your skin also!

  29. +Nova Utan ty x

  30. i stopped after 14 minutes too

  31. Congrats! Can you please share what exactly you did everyday? Which videos
    did you follow from Fitness blender with the links? I really appreciate all
    your help.

  32. It would be really helpful if you could share how your weekly routine
    looked like? Specifically, which exercises from the channel did you do
    along with this routine? P.S. Is this a HIIT?

  33. +Moomi Gerritsen Lol I was thinking the same thing

  34. First time: 08:40. I’m going to do this everyday and see if I can get

  35. Futoon Al.Dossari


  36. Futoon Al.Dossari

    GO GO GO !! U CAN DO IT !! I

  37. XxSage_ SantiagoxX

    This comment made my day.😂

  38. HelenNguyen 1213

    +Sergio Valenzuela omg you inspired me so much thank you 🙂

  39. Are you saying that you haven’t figured out that you’re supposed to put
    music on by yourself, so you have your favorite music running while you’re
    still able to hear the instructions? Wow, that’s a low.

  40. dont misunderstood..im just giving a suggestion to those that haven’t
    figure out that they supposed to put music on by themself 🙂

  41. What kind of workouts do you do? I’m trying my best to get into some kind
    of routine, but I keep changing it every couple of days. I don’t know what
    workouts to stick to and how often/long I should do them. Really at a
    helpless loss haha
    Would you have any advice?

  42. ikr😉

  43. Exercise makes you healthier tho

  44. wow amazing did u diet when u did he work outs please tell me?

  45. I’ve been doing this for 10 days & also I’ve been taking these drops called
    resolution drops & ive lost almost 12 pounds already i’m also working on
    losing 40 pounds in 40 days so far so good hopefully this helps you.

  46. awesome! keep at it!

  47. +TheToffeeTiger alot of weight lifting (targeting all muscles and major
    muscle groups) with some cardio warm ups ranging from 5-15 minutes. i’ll
    frequent youtube for ab workouts or some yoga in between my sore days. i’m
    not a trainer or anything special, just a girl who took a few weight
    lifting and fitness courses in college.

  48. +Abdul Zaman thank you very much that is really kind and motivates me 🙂

  49. Your welcome just remember don’t give up

  50. Hahahha

  51. good for you! great job actually!

  52. just mute the video and play some music that you like

  53. Carmela Salvador


  54. mozarellacheez !


  55. +mozarellacheez ! YASSS GIRL

  56. Everyone is saying with lbs but I only know Kg so can someone tell what is
    the differents

  57. It’s just a different type of messurement like feet or km .

  58. 😂😂😂

  59. mozarellacheez !

    this….this is legendary stamina I CAN NEVER REACHHHHH

  60. same im so fking tired 😳

  61. i think 2,2lbs= 1kg

  62. +Imane Benamar ohh oke thankss 🙂

  63. +Caitlin Brendon are you doing just this or dieting too

  64. +rukky ameh dieting too.

  65. OK thanks I’m starting today

  66. You did only this? Or with a diet?

  67. i got to 8 lol

  68. Fernando Pereira

    first day 19 minutes …..

  69. WeirdKpop Fan121

    +xPikaRawr I will! In 5 years…. xD Just kidding. I might try again today
    if I have the time! ^^

  70. +WeirdKpop Fan121 haha i hope you do it soon xD good luck!

  71. First day 15:00 min tomorrow I’m gonna try to do 25 min

  72. Cornbread Lincoln

    +Caitlin Brendon sounds like we are in a very similar situation. I would
    love to be a fitness buddy and help keep each other motivated? 🙂

  73. Wow. Today is my 10th day doing this exercise. And today i was able to
    finish the whole exercise LOL!

  74. you can do it! keep at it

  75. keep at it. you will!

  76. Sarangka Aingkaran

    Wow, congrats! 😀

  77. After all these hard working outs, the stretching part seems unnecessary to
    me LOL

  78. The harder the workout, the more important the stretching!

  79. Stretching is always necessary no matter whatever exercise you do. You must
    end up your workout with stretching.

  80. Does this work for men? Hey admin, plz do reply.

  81. Definitely. There is no such thing as a male or female workout. Hope this

  82. seriously??u do it everyday??

  83. I did too

  84. Naruto Shippuden eposides and clips

    +FitnessBlender thank you so much guys your the best

  85. Armys everywhere I love it 😆💪

  86. +Gizem Acar ME TOO! XD