9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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On today's episode of XHIT, fitness instructor Rebecca-Louise reveals you the very best ab workouts to squash your stomach! These are the nine finest steps for obtaining that six pack! This ab workout will certainly aid you shed fat and then get your six pack began for the summertime! Adhere to along and also allow us know just what you believed.

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9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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  1. it’s really working to me

  2. Jessica DiTommaso

    Started this yesterday, will give updates
    Day 1: it’s hard, yes. But keep working through it and that’s what I did.
    Woke up and saw a tiny bit difference.
    Day 2: I’m doing this twice a day, just finished my 1st one, gonna do it
    again, will update when I wake up tomorrow.

  3. I am 120 kg so this is not for me…
    i just pass out in 2 minutes 😀😀😀

  4. ItsYourGirl, Wendy

    I’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks. I only do it mon-fri just once a
    day though. and squats for 5 minutes but I could see some of my belly fat
    going away. I’m also eating healthy but not like veggies and stuff. just
    like not a lot of fast foods, junk foods, sodas, etc. my legs look a bit
    slimmer and I went from a size 3XL to XL I did slack off yesterday and the
    day before but I’m back lol

  5. TheCubeSlasher

    Im starting today. I will do it twice a day. I’ll update every 5 days!💪
    LET’S DO THIS!!!😁😁😁

  6. Jordyn Anderson

    hey I decided to do updates to keep me motivated not sure if I’m going to
    do this exercise daily but I’m trying I currently weigh 154 which is
    overweight for my height which is 5’1 3/4 I have a belly along with back
    fat and slightly big thighs… I am going to do this exercise with running
    and walking on my treadmill I will update hopefully everyday but right now
    I feel as if I’m dying I want to be able to wear a two piece next summer…
    my goal weight is 122!

  7. Im only 13 but i do have a bigger belly than i want so im gonna do this
    once or twice a day and keep updating 🙂
    Day 1~ Obviously cant see a difference yet 😛
    Day 2~ still no ‘pain’ or anything not any improvements xD
    Day 3~ Missed a couple of days but went swimming instead of this for just
    over an hour and i feel much better now :)

  8. *Day 1:* My abs sting and I’m definitely gonna feel this in the morning. I
    struggled with some of these exercises due to my recent surgery but I think
    it’ll get easier for each time I do them. I’ll keep this comment updated
    for both myself and others 🙂

    *Day 2:* I did my workout with some cardio to begin with and then my abs. I
    definitely felt it from day 1 but I hope it will get better soon. I’ve also
    cut out all the bad stuff from my meals and gone for healthier options + I
    also don’t eat as much. Just to speed things up a bit.

    *Day 3:* I only did cardio today because my abs hurt so bad I couldn’t
    move. I’ll try and do it double up tomorrow to make up for it. I’ve
    definitely started seeing a few minor changes. Which excites me, but I
    still have a lot to go.

    *Day 4:* I still couldn’t do much with my stomach but I did do some cardio
    and I’m still going strong on that.

    *Day 5:* My abs are feeling much better so I will start working on them
    again + cardio. I have started to notice that my waist is becoming slimmer,
    barely but it’s happening, as well as my abs are getting defined. Keep
    going! 🙂

    *Day 6:* Yet to come..

  9. I can’t listen to her saying “FEEL THE BURN” and not think about BERNie

  10. I don’t want abs I wanna be skinny

  11. why does my back hurt when I do this?

  12. Luke Connolly 321

    Me too

  13. If it hurts it means that you don’t breath as you should do. You have to
    inhale while you’re “preparing” the movement as then exhale when you do the
    move which makes works your abs

  14. I m 4’11 and 143.3lbs I need to lose at least 10 lbs in a month,,,is it

  15. Hi i’m gonna share my experience with ya’ll 🙂
    so first of all i’m 14 with a very bad bloated stomach
    I started this about a week ago i guess but i did other ab tutorial a week
    before i discovered this video.. I used to do this with a couple other ab
    burning tutorial every single night but now i kinda do it for about once
    (this + one or two different workout) every 2/3 days bc the laziness
    started to kick in again.
    So far i haven’t achieve my dream flat stomach yet but i do notice a lot of
    difference on my belly like i started to get a little line on my upper abs
    and even though im still bloated (especially after i eat),it’s not as bad
    as i was used to.
    I also try my best to avoid junk food at any costs (potato chips,instant
    noodles,etc) but if i crave it so much sometimes i made a cheat day lmao
    but still trying not to eat too much of them,i’m not a vegan or whatever
    but again i try to STAY AWAY FROM ANY JUNKFOOD as much as possible.

  16. Day 1: able to get through most of it, but some burning & weak points.
    Hurts but feels good after! Planning to do it every day 👍🏼 Should I

  17. Dolores Spagnuolo

    It does not mean the breathing is done incorrectly. Could b a number of
    reasons. Incorrect technique, back problems, unforeseen agitator affecting
    the back and so on.

  18. +Whitney Kononchuk thank you😊

  19. +Whitney Kononchuk would i see results faster if I do few more workouts
    like this one?

  20. Whitney Kononchuk

    Workouts like this target muscle not fat! So doing ab workouts will make
    your body look better but you might not see a difference on the scale cos
    muscle weighs more than fat

  21. I started this yesterday and doing this 3 times a day with other exercises
    I’ll update

  22. okay thanks

  23. Little Rocker Lauren

    You should do 5-10 minutes of stretching prior to any workout. Throughout
    most of these exercises, you should also be keeping your spine flat or
    neutral. Good luck. :3

  24. +ItsMeKaylor XOXO YES I will now😉 Have been tone on vacation so I gotta
    start AGAIN😳 But this time Twice as often😏

  25. +TheCubeSlasher gone**

  26. HAHA

  27. why don’t i feel most of these? i’ve been doing this correctly for 5 days
    now. i know the pain goes away but it’s been only 5 days

  28. and when i feel pain the pain is in my thighs not my abs

  29. XD

  30. did it really work if yes than how much time it take

  31. can someone suggest me any exercise for short height.. plz email me :

  32. +Hurya Javed you should go type how to grow taller or something like that
    if you want to know, I don’t know these kinds od exercide cauze fortunately
    I am tall

  33. hello fellow phandom member 🙂

  34. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and it works

  35. Once

  36. Christin Natalia

    same 😂

  37. +Jennifer Vergara yes

  38. +Natalie Hugss Do u do this along with cardio?

  39. Timmy's Mom (Marble Soda)

    so i lost 5 pounds in one week. I did this like only 4-5 times and I ate
    protein and fruit. Now i weight 140 thanks so much

  40. This is great, congrats!

  41. +Keerthi Sinha yes

  42. Timmy's Mom (Marble Soda)

    +thats mymy Thank you!

  43. I tried to not eat any fatty food and it lasted a week then after I make
    the excuse cheat day 3 times that week. I fail at staying healthy

  44. +TheCubeSlasher update?

  45. how long do you do your cardio?

  46. I quit on the 3 day

  47. You will look skinnier if you have stronger abs

  48. Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox

    +Classy Lassy why? 1 week here

  49. +Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox I’m a lazy person and I don’t really have much to

  50. +jasmeen thanks

  51. Listen people! This is the best workout for the stomach that I had even
    seen. I did this 4 times a day, first day I did this… and its my 4-5 day
    and I still feel the burn. My stomach was flat and so slim the day after.
    But the same time, you have to eat healthy. Dont eat bread and cheese, and
    sweets. Drink only water and milk. Dont drink soda, and juice. Snack a lot
    on crackers, but the good ones. Crackers in the US, and crackers in Norway
    is not the same thing. In the US its like cookie crackers. But here in
    Norway its healthy crackers, we eat them insted of bread. And eat a lot of
    sweet potatoes, and broccoli, carrot. And if your craving for something
    sweet, eat a yogurt.Take my tips, and I can promise you, you’ll see reults
    fast! Reply to me if you want me to tell more. 😊

  52. okay lmao rip me i gave up for 1 week, but ive done 3 today.

  53. Omg same! I was about to comment that #feelthebern 😂😂

  54. jus a little bit difference

  55. Beautybehindmadness

    +cupquake 900 what strecthes do you recommend to do after the workout?

  56. +Beautybehindmadness Just a suggestion…you can find numerous exercises
    for stretching on Pinterest. Well…here also 🙂 I just haven’t checked
    them out.
    I guess you’re looking for the specific ones- judging by the video we were
    all watching…so just search for stretching after belly exerc.
    Damn, did this make any sense to you?!! 😉

  57. usually for stretches yoga is also good, most of the time it’s used before
    heavy exercises though.

  58. update plz

  59. tes update

  60. +cupquake 900 Christ that’s farrrr too often! Your muscles won’t develop
    properly if you don’t give yourself a chance to rest

  61. 4 5 times a day???

  62. +Explicithalia think its cuz u didn’t have a diet

  63. update

  64. +Anesha Begum I bought a whole bag pf cheetoes I lasted about a month and a
    half without buying anything too bad… I plan on throwing them out…(prob

  65. +muffazal per week

  66. +Jordan Link its easier to get abs if you are skinny

  67. +Pritz Angelz Im defidently seeing a change and a flatter stomach after a
    while💖 No change in weight tough, but Im so leight that all it does to me
    is tone my abs🙂 But defidently makes me feel amazing😍 Hopes it helps🍓🍅

  68. Jessica DiTommaso

    +Ken Kaneki / “C Cherry” Artist of Trash good luck! remember to never give
    up no matter how hard it is. xoxo

  69. ItsYourGirl, Wendy

    +Cody Laroche yeah I went from a 3xl to xl

  70. Do you think if i keep doing this workout i can stat at the same pant size

  71. ItsYourGirl, Wendy

    Mm I don’t think so. If you only wanna lose belly fat maybe do flutter
    kicks or single leg drops. The Russian twist as well works w side belly fat

  72. Thank you

  73. ItsYourGirl, Wendy

    No problem

  74. So how bout that update? 😂

  75. superfastjellyfish

    I want both

  76. ok honestly i didn’t do this or anything else every single day…i do it
    after gap of 2-3 days…so i feel much better from inside and i can see
    difference.my legs are bit toned…i no longer find it difficult..

  77. +Hurya Javed well done 👍

  78. Anaelle Moorghen

    Don’t do this work out everyday. Your muscle need 24-48 hours of rest
    before training them again. And yes, abs is a muscle group. You will never
    get the result you wanted if you keep pushing up your abs. Rest form part
    of the program.

  79. Katrina Evardome

    just keep yourself motivated AND REFRAIN FROM EATING SWEETS OR FOODS WITH
    BIG AMOUNTS OF CALORIES, it will work but then its hard so give up and eat

  80. Ken Kaneki / “C Cherry” Artist of Trash

    +Anaelle Moorghen Tell that to people who do insanity XD

  81. Jessica DiTommaso

    +Ken Kaneki / “C Cherry” Artist of Trash haha ikr

  82. Ken Kaneki / “C Cherry” Artist of Trash

    +Jessica DiTommaso XD

  83. Eating lots of meat can result in bloating as well

  84. What kind of cardio do u do?

  85. +Sylvia Ghotra I legit just googled “cardio exercises” on youtube and did
    what they did. But I think if you do some running as well, it will do just
    as much.

  86. are you still doing it?

  87. +Kream no thank you for your comment… this just wasnt working for me so i
    began to do hip hop abs and insanity and it changed my life… faster than
    this and i can refer you to a video on youtube that helped me as well no
    shade to this video it just wasnt working for me…

  88. +skittlesmon lol

  89. +Jordyn Anderson can you link me the video that helped you?

  90. i have a flat stomach now :”””)

  91. Arianne Hagoriles

    Tell me more please 😍😘 i’m not fat, i just have a little bit of fat in my
    lower abs, just a tiny cutie little fat. I just want to get rid of it…
    And i know this workout will work but i need your help when it comes to
    healthy foods. Hahahhaa i mean, i need someone to guide me what i
    should/shouldn’t eat. Thank you so much and i really appreciate it !!!

  92. +Arianne Hagoriles Bellyfat is easy to lose, and you say that you have
    lowerbellyfat, well this workout is the best workout to do. Its really
    easy, dont eat anything with sugar. Dont eat cake, cookies, candy and
    things like that. Dont eat bread, dont eat white bread. Bread is the WORST
    thing to eat, because it has a lot of carbs, and it will make you’re belly
    bigger. Dont drink soda, only drink water, thats it! Dont drink juice.
    Juice has a lot of sugar in it, a lot of people think its healthy, but its
    not. You should make fresh orange juice at home. And I do recommend using
    waist trainer. OMG waist trainer is the best thing that ever happened to
    me. It helps get rid of loose skin. Loose skin goes away by thighing the
    area its loose. Trust me, it helps. But eat good, eat veggis, dont eat alot
    of meat. Because its hard to digestive, eat chicken, but not alot. Lol hope
    it helped, just ask me anything, if you want to haha 😉

  93. +Arianne Hagoriles And drink alot of water 🙂

  94. SAME IM 146

  95. Taibat Rassoulova

    +Rebecca F thank you so much that was very helpful

  96. +Explicithalia I hate running😂 but thanks!