5 min belly fat DESTROYER – Six Pack Shortcuts

1 odd pointer to burn stomach fat:

Hi there, It's Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts.

I'm so pleased your below with us today on our objective to get six-pack abdominals.
Here's a fast complete body exercise you could do in your home to help you melt stomach fat! We created this workout for those people who are short in a timely manner or maybe just do not have the persistences to do slow dull ab exercises.

Let's press play and then obtain the exercise began, it's time to destroy some fat.

All you need is a timer for this workout so there's no reasons

Regular Break down:
3 set of 30 secs interval collection.

Knee to elbow joint crunches

See, wasn't that quick? There is always time for a quick workout, keep in mind no justifications.

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Inspect it out:

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5 Min Belly Fat DESTROYER - Six Pack Shortcuts

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  1. Is anybody else watching these but not doing it? No just me?

  2. Im just eating nachos here and thinking: “damn I have to start working out,
    ooooor nah maybe tomorrow”

  3. You’ll be missed Mike.

  4. Nothing happened to mike he was in a video about a week ago.

  5. *I can do this here hold my beer belly*

  6. Made my hour!

  7. +Savage Shadow bbjn

  8. Hey i just wanna ask a simple question. How much calories is this routine
    going to burn?

  9. I saw him on workout show as an instructor on TV about a week ago

  10. this exercise is legit but also with a good way of diet. else you will
    hardly get in shape fast.

  11. Same

  12. So 5 min everyday for how long? I don’t want six packs I just want to lose
    my belly fat. Can anyone tell me how long I should do it, I’m 125 pounds.

  13. I see all these comments how long how long,body do them for two(2)weeks if
    u see results do them again if your not do it for one(1)month i garante you
    u gonna kill belly fat.
    But u cant for one day in 5minutes to kill belly fet bcs u dont have 10kg .
    Do them for 2weeks 3time per day and u gonna see awsome results.

  14. Ramón A. Parra A.

    You’re gonna die soon

  15. Maddy Gullickson

    +HetPapierenBootje I have tried it, I just gave up after 30 seconds, sat on
    my bed, ate chips, and played Call Of Duty.

  16. HetPapierenBootje

    +Maddy Gullickson Oh well.. I am still using this method though :p

  17. +zeroline19 other things about a Week ago 😑

  18. NeverEndingPvP

    Like eating salad to right?

  19. i’m a fat teen. kept up the whole time and sweat less than him. is that

  20. Nice gyno XD

  21. GuardianNinjaHD

    A lot of people sweat more than others, and room temperature has some
    things to do with it, but it’s neither good nor bad. (Unless you’re
    dehydrated, then it’s bad :p)

  22. He has a new account called mike chang

  23. lol

  24. Aaron O Callaghan

    +Maddy Gullickson lol

  25. has any one actually burned belly fat with this? I feel like it’s gonna
    give me chiseled abs UNDER the belly fat

  26. You guys act like you’ll see changes immediately, it took me two weeks to
    see some changes and I did this 3 times a day, after i month I saw them

  27. my question is simply “Does it burn belly fat”???

  28. what om saying

  29. its muscle…

  30. +ChaniGang You clearly know nothing. The point of a proper diet if you want
    to lose weight is counting calories.

  31. Triplehhh Honda

    +Maddy Gullickson what’s the point of waching

  32. +NeverEndingPvP eat chicken and fruits and vegtables bro

  33. I just have a fan blowing on me

  34. Does this burn your belly fat? Please answer.

  35. “Belly fat DESTROYER”

  36. how many days of doing this until you notice change?

  37. Clarence Charping

    Not unless you’re eating the right nutrients.

  38. If I do this everyday for a month will I lose a couple of pounds on my
    belly and get it flat?

  39. +Salty Candy jesus stop being so butthurts your writing a fucking poem…
    its cool your thin i get it (xd)

  40. +Salty Candy thats why your looking at belly fat destoyer workout …

  41. Imma do this for a month starting today. I will let you know if it works

  42. i liked this comment coz yur name is ironic

  43. r crunches supposed to hurt
    p.s im 14

  44. +Dream fr? Like 2 weeks then & eatin healthy right?

  45. I think Ima try this for 2 Weeks After this maybe Lift a bit and eat good
    threw the 2 weeks Ill see if I loose any pounds :)

  46. Hey man me too, tell me how it goes!

  47. it does feel good after thats probably why im addicted and also is there
    any way i can get rid of muscle aches after a big workout?

  48. It will take more then 2 weeks. You can’t just do stuff like this get the
    muscle then stop, I made that mistake and now my pecs are messed up

  49. +Tom Kirkbride I’m 14 117lbs with loads of belly fat

  50. +GoDz Echo eat food

  51. +GoDz Echo it’ll help rebuild your torn muscles

  52. +GoDz Echo but eat protein.

  53. Yes

  54. Kenan Niftaliev

    How’s your progress?

  55. +Tom Kirkbride that comment made my day

  56. Dashawn Bannister

    just do it tell you lose enough weight or just keep checking more of mike’s
    weight loss videos ps. note how much weight you loss in a week and decide
    if you need to increase the workout

  57. Mike has a new channel with almost 20k subs!!

  58. Master Karim™


  59. DaEvian Hawkins

    of corse its a fat destroyer thats like 300 seconds

  60. It’s been 1 and half week and I’m doing this every morning and night but
    still no sign. It hurts for 3 days but after that nothing is in pain

  61. Its called Mike Chang if you didn’t already find out

  62. I have a big belly. I’m 4’9 and weigh 90 pounds. I haven’t hit puberty, but
    I heard doing a lotta exercise during puberty is more effective?

  63. EliteClash Gaming

    +NX how’d it go

  64. +EliteClash Gaming I’ve done if for a week and haven’t seen anything yet

  65. EliteClash Gaming


  66. Thank you Glenn! Now I can see my penis