3 Of The Most Dangerous Foods For Diabetics

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Type 2 Diabetic issues is rapid turning into one of leading causes of fatality globally and will become a pandemic. The typical expense of a single hospital check out for a type 2 diabetic person is around $11,000 and then thousands many more in extra medical care costs once at home. Managing your blood sugar levels by adhering to a correct diabetic diet plan as well as exercise program is the best technique of controlling as well as to reversing kind 2 diabetic issues. In this video series about type 2 diabetic issues, we are providing diabetics the essentials about their condition so they can be a lot better educated concerning what is happening with their body and exactly how diabetes mellitus is influencing it and what they could do to quit it. Don't neglect your diabetes, it is a silent killer.


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3 Of The Most Dangerous Foods For Diabetics

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  1. So you can skip this video:
    1. fruit
    2. dairy
    3. diet soda

    I don’t agree with the fruit though. Plenty of people have gotten off of
    their insulin by switching to a raw vegan diet loaded from not just
    vegetables but tons of fruit too.

  2. +Abby Fitzgerald I do so hate spam. There are so many other ways that you
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  3. Thank you so much for the info,I will be looking into it. You have a great

  4. For past 2 years I have a breakfast smoothie with fruit. My triglyceride is
    down to 114, cholestrerol 110, LDL 51.A1c to 6.0. I don’t expect to have
    type 2. Also age is 81 and weight is 154, down 24 lbs.

  5. +Sarah Norment Fruits contain dietary fiber, which is paramount for a
    healthy diet, and blood sugar control. Thanks for the comment, because I
    don’t want to watch this whole video. The guy doesn’t know what his a$$
    from a hole in the ground! What does he think we should eat, nothing but

  6. You are so full of crap! Hello! Dr. Pepper has “Dr.” in the title. LOL
    “Fact” seriously?

  7. So…Where are the evidence and data of your claims? Some links would be
    nice. Fruit is very good for type 2 diabethics since it contain a lot of
    fiber that counteracts a lot of the problems, type 1 diabethics however
    should be careful with fruit and other things that contains sugar of any
    given kind. I agree on most of the others though however no diabetic person
    should ever consume any animal products since it isn’t at all needed to get
    all the correct nutrients your body needs.

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  9. Maxima who????

  10. According to this video one has to stop eating.

  11. +James Corea Not really

  12. +Sarah Norment I would also agree with you.

  13. Oh heavens!~ Another guy on this site (American guy) said milk and dairy
    was one of the 10 foods for diabetics to eat. Is anyone else a bit

  14. +Sarah Norment Some fruit have little sugar like lemon and limes which are
    very healthy.

  15. dieabitis kill you and the side effacts of medicin kills you before

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  20. Kennie MusicLovers

    don’t listen too many sources……?

  21. Holly Degraves

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  22. Holly Degraves

    +Edward B. Mason Thanks

  23. HOW to Jump-start your Pancreas to produce Insulin Naturally - CLICK HERE

    +Kennie MusicLovers yes

  24. Carolyn W. Farrell

    I follow the diet pretty closely. It helps me to reverse my diabetes. My
    energy is back up to normal, and my skin color is beautiful.

  25. Agnes Zakharova

    +Carolyn W. Farrell This guideline is helpful and motivating.

  26. I like this list. BUT… please know that there is a HUGE difference in
    gmo, pesticide-covered fruit and organic, local fruit. Look up the 80/10/10
    diet, or youtubers like Mindful Diabetic Robby or FullyRaw Kristina. They
    are living proof that fruit is the best food.

  27. +Kennie MusicLovers So,when you’re Typ1: Just eat, what makes you feel good
    and inject the right number if insulinshots

  28. Diabetes is a growing problem but it will become a bigger problem if people
    follow the advise in this video. Diabetics should listen to more qualified
    people like Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Jay Wortman.


  30. why all them links mostly in all diabetic vids damn it’s annoying af